MVC Membership Pro - User Authentication tool (AngularJs Single Page)

MVC Membership Pro - User Authentication tool (AngularJs Single Page)

Mvc MemberShip Pro

This application contains all the functions required to manage role based membership user accounts. It also has Menu and Menu Permissions as per Role and User,Even Support Multilingual

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-Mvc 5 (Code first)
-Asp net Membership Authentication Latest
-Role Based
-Menu and Menu Permissions (User and Role Based)
-With Full Source Code
-Data table Jquery Integrated
-Bootstrap Design
-Separate Login and register page designed.
-Email Confirmation , Recover Password through email.

1. Extract project downloaded file and Rebuild application.
2. Change you connection string from web.config.
3. Run Migration =update-database  in nuget console manager
4. your application ready to use now.

System Requirement.
Windows Server or Windows Hosting.
IIS7 OR above
.Net framework 4.5.1 OR above
Sql Server 2008 OR above

Online Video Demo:

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Updates Last Update on 13feb2017
-UI Code Errors Remove
-Role Management change design and working as Single Page
-Edit ,delete and detail on model popup
-User page UI setting and Model popup implements