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Do you guys have a web forms version of this project? If not how much would it be for you guys to port this one?



Yes i have web forms version .i will upload on , it will take max 5 days. If you hurry you may contact us on skype:

Should I contact you directly or do I keep coming back to see if you posted the web forms version?

Need more info, add on skype :

Hi, this seems interesting, and looking to purchase, but your demo is not working. Please help me understand how is it different from the others out here, what features does it support

Its a little hard to understand what features you have here and how I can integrate into my project I am using ASP 6 MVC identity v2.0 Can you explain some info please on how to integrate or switch.

I need to control user permissions, attributes, and menu items, model class access permission based on role

1) Does this work with the current MVC identity v2.0

2) Can roles be mapped to viewmodels or models… or how can I ensure that the model is only accessed by permission.

2 a) is this controlled in a database or the model itself like adding [ROLE] above a class

3) When new models are added – are the new models dynamically reflected and discovered… how do I connect each new model to a new role (both web api and MVC)

4) Can I manage the menu items easily, change the names without changing the code?

5) is the Data Model / DB schema/SQL and Data included (is it compatible with ASP Identity v2.0)

6) Can I extend it to add my own items like profiles. and adding new fields like this screenshot 55

7) does this support google re-captcha and anti-spam


I’m also interested , maybe you could set me up with a trial so see if it’s compatible with ubot programs?

Added you , please respond , I just bought this and I’m having a few bits of trouble :l

The Preview doesn’t want to load. It just displays a blank screen.

ctrl+f5 it will be working fine sir thanks Username= Password= Sonu@123 i can’t login with these information and Admin@123 please use this

Let me know what problem you are facing at skype :

Hi i baught your app but it doesn’t work. Can help me please !

Let me know what problem you are facing at skype :

Hello, I bought your application but it does not. It appears to me the message : Identity

ASP.NET Identity is the membership system for ASP.NET apps. Following are the features of ASP.NET Identity in this sample application.

Learn more »

Thank you to respond to my mail

Let me know what problem you are facing at skype :

Demo Membership application throwing exception.

now working thanks

Is Membership application developed using webapi? Also let me know if the issue was fixed while logging.

no, all issues are fixed

How to run the angular versioniof spa?

Please contact at skype :


I successfully build and login to the page. But i am not able to see the Manage User and Menu Items in the navigation panel. Do i need to create some roles manually. Please let me know the details that how do see all the links in the navigational panel. Thanks.

Regards, Jenbagaraman. J

Hi, Thanks for purchasing the software. This is my skype : I would love to provide you the support. Regards , Skilledi

Hello, the demo version doesn’t work .. can you fix it?

There is only “dashboard” and “account” in menu. I can’t manage users and menu

please contact Skype : for more information, thanks

Is it responsive ?

yes it is

Don´t do business with the authors he will only deceive you, I have bought his services, but has not delivered it.

which service you have bought?? Please let us know… Identity

ASP.NET Identity is the membership system for ASP.NET apps. Following are the features of ASP.NET Identity in this sample application.

Learn more »

How to fix it?


You can find the files Root >> Views >> Home >> Index.cshtml

Hi, I was reading some of the other comments, and wanted to understand the same as well, since I have similar needs.

I like that its a ASP MVC solution, but it seems not very clear on integration and role/permission management.

If I buy this will it work in the traditional ASP MVC .Net C# applications (4.5).

I am looking to purchase a front-end role, user, permissions and identity management solution.

Is the view/page access to the Routes, Controllers and Actions controlled in this web GUI? if so, how is does it look in the GUI, the demo did not work for me.

I am looking for a GUI management solution/component, without editing the code of my ASP MVC application, will this work for that?

Does it also show the login, logout, and audit events of the user.

Can I group organizations together like companies, and manage them separately.

When is the next update coming?


please contact support @skype :

Hi i have changed web.config pointing to my db and build the project when i run project it comes up with this message ASP.NET Identity is the membership system for ASP.NET apps. Following are the features of ASP.NET Identity in this sample application.

how do i see the startup for this proj

he will respond in shortly.

Hi . i saw your reLine 86: if (users != null) Line 87: { Line 88: var idd = users.Roles.FirstOrDefault().RoleId; Line 89: //name = idd; Line 90: name = db.Roles.FirstOrDefault(i => i.Id == idd).Name;

Source File: C:\projects\spa\Single Page\SinglePageIdentity\Migrations\Models\Ext.cs Line: 88 sent update , downloaded the code and tried re implementing.after resgistering a new login and before the dashboard can render i see the following error

follow this steps=1 go to your database ,2 insert values in RoleUser Table as per User Id and Role Id , will be works fine.

thank you very much.that worked

welcome sir

Hi Mr Sonu,i have extended support on this item and hopefully i can get better support as i have few questions on this item.Thanks for the tip on editing the table to get this started previously. i have created custom menu items and when i click on it the dashboard disappears and the new page renders . this is after i created the appropriate controller and view.

the menu table is as follows Id MenuText MenuURL ParentId 1 mymenu1 menu1 NULL 2 mymenu11 mymenu11 1 3 mymenu12 menu12 1

your skype id please