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cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks :)

Few questions please: 1) Does it come with source code? 2) Are the images stored in database (or in server file system). Thanks


1) with source code 2) server file system but you can use it from database with little customization


Can you re-size an image by specifying only height OR width…NOT both…and have it automatically set the other value proportionally? For example, if the original image is 100 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall…and you set width to 150…will it automatically set the Height to 300? Example #2 generates an error if you only specify Width. Thanks.

Hi.i understand what you want . I have already updated live preview .During the day i will update this item files. Please visit live preview , see example 8 .



I’ve been looking for something like this for my personal website. There are some pictures that I would like to rotate, the typical landscape/portrait pictures. But I am wondering if I can open up an image from the website’s directory and re-save it. Also, since I am hosting the website in GoDaddy, they will not allow a DLL like imagemagick, what are you using to edit the image? Is it just a simple DLL or an installation is required to the webserver?

Thanks in advance.

Robert Jurado.

I can help you about anything

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I have a question, If I want to rotate a picture that I am displaying, how do I modify and Save it ? I keep getting an error because “image is being used”. I see that you are saving it as temporary file, but in my case at the end, i want to replace the file that I am looking at it. Thanks in advance.

Robert J.

Hi, please write to my email . i will send some examples . Email :


Hey , I did email you a few weeks ago. I purchased this to use as a crop tool. In your email you did provide some instructions but I was not able to get it to work.

Can you please update or provide a crop tool using the selector in example 3 and 4. Further please allow restricting to square aspect ratio. Ideally with the upload code.

I feel you could probably do this in a short amount of time and not only will it help me but I be tit will help your sales significantly.

Thanks and great work.

Hi , I will update this item nowdays .

Thank you

Hey, I also purchased this for crop tool. I mailed you for several times, for the comments above, I am sure that, there was no crop tool. Please if you have completed this, please give us, its very urgent.

Please give me as soon as possible. another problem is, sometimes its taking huge time to process. how can I overcome that?

Thanks and great work.

There is crop area, but if i crop and apply then crop should be applied, this is not implemented in ur project. how to implement this??

Ok i send you some examples to your email during today

thanks a lot, please send as soon as possible

Cool script, looks very nice. In the examples you show an option to add a line of text, is it also possible to add more than 1 line of text to an image?

This is problem about my server, There is no problem in my local version.

Alright. But is it possible to add a second text input to make more than 1 line of text?

Yes it is possible

demo doesnt work only says processing

This is problem about my server

Hi I am interested in purchasing this, do you support portfolio.

For e.g. I have to show user images for scrolling/browsing in rows as a gallery or icons as a gallery for browsing – could be books, stamps etc.

Can I set auto upload location, scan for files types, viruses, rename files, change photo tagging/properties etc.


Yes , i supported this project. but your requirement is not belong to support.


Hi there – this looks like a great tool. Can you please confirm the “crop” functions are in it now, as that is my main concern? Thanks – will buy when I hear back about that.

Hi does this save the original and updates images in the database?

Hi .if you want save images in db. You can save it in db as byte. ?t is not diffuclt. Thanks

Hello !

I want a similar web as demo.. I want two functionalities. Add text and crop image on user uploaded image. I have bought that script. Can’t find how to do that.

Hi, please see example 9 below codes . Thanks

Hi, I am interested in this and Bal – Email Newsletter Builder – MVC Version but both components are priced high, I think it would be good if you can make better prices, you will sell more.


Thanks for your bid . i will evaluate it

Hi, do you have a source code for something like this ?

Hi ,

Your example is html template but my plugin for image processing.

Thanks, Rufat Askerov


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Is there any sample code for crop and rotate?


Hello, You can find examples in here :