Discussion on MV 360 Tour

Discussion on MV 360 Tour

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What is the best App for you to use it with your plugin.


Hi, I personally use 360 cameras; I can’t recommend 360 photo apps. The important thing that the photos are equirectangular

Looking to buy this is a presale question. Is there going to be a updated version soon I will buy when I see a new version. And will this work on unlimited VR 360 tours

Hi, we are doing a code optimization, by the end of the month we will publish the optimized version. What do you mean it works with with VR 360 tours? It’s another plugin?

hi, would love to see the woocommerce integration. Do you have some examples online?

Hi, no at the moment we doesn’t have an example; but you can use a shortcode in each text field to integrate the tour

Hi. I can`t add any images to my tour. WordPress don`t show me the “Add panorama” button.

Hi, can you send me an email with an admin access to your site?

Hi, Pre-order question. There its an option that registered users can upload their own 360 pictures. Smth like in a social network, so they can after share with other users in the community or by link ? Thanks.

Hi, for this functionality you should try to integrate other plugins or themes. With my plugin, WordPress users can post virtual tours, but they are not automatically grouped by user.

Hi, I’m wondering if there are plans to optimize this plugin for Gutenberg?

Hello and sorry for the delay in replying. Optimization for Gutenberg is not a priority at the moment, currently the plugin can be integrated into Gutenberg via shortcode.

Look like a great plugin. So, I got to take a 360 paranormal photo using phone or camera right? Also, I see that for a long time you haven’t update the plugin.

Hello and sorry for the delay in replying. To take photos you can use either a 360 camera or the phone with the appropriate apps. The important thing is that the photos are equirectangular. I haven’t updated the plugin for a while because I’ve been busy on another project, now I have a little more free time to spend on it.

hi, each panorama start with a little zoom about 20% , how to fix it to start to 0 ? regards

In the demo video the hotspots are movable (edit mode) ; For me i can only edit it but not move it (even with a mouse and test under chrome and Fifrefox).

You have to select an hotspot (single click on it) and double click where you want to move it

ah yessssss


I have purchased your product however the Video Hotspot doesn’t work!

I have sent you an email with my purchase code for support, would you please solve this problem ASAP?

Thank you.

Hi, I replied to tour email, I need the tour link to check what is not working


Thank you for the reply.

I have sent you the tour link. please check.

Hello, may I ask you if there’s a limit number for the scene in the tour? I’m planning to use this plugin for a Real Estate website, and depending of the house, I have different number of scenes, from 5 to Nmore.

Thank you very much

Hi, you can add unlimited scenes per tour. Have a nice day


Couple of questions,

1. Can i insert a QR code ? 2. Can i embed an audio/video player ?

Hi, you can insert a QRcode as image in a hostpost; you can also insert a video from youtube or vimeo. Audio player are not supported at the moment, but you can add HTML code.

Hello, pre purchase question. I want to know what I should request to professional photographer to be sure images or videos works properly with your plugin. Thanks.

Hi, images and videos must be equirectangular (ratio 2:1, example: 8000×4000). Videos must be in MP4.

Hi, I’m trying to insert my tour but the shortcode doesn’t work, is there something I haven’t done?

Hi, I made a change to your theme. I added the “do_shortcode” function in the property-details/virtual-tour.php file, and it works. It would be better if you create a child theme with an overwrite of that file so you won’t have any problems with theme updates. Have a nice day.

Hello, my theme has a child version, only it is not installed, if I install it, will my change be preserved? Either you have to log in again to make the change again, or I may do it.

Hi, if your child theme doesn’t override the property-details/virtual-tour.php file, your changes will be preserved

Hello, the 360 virtual tour can be inserted from iframe?

Hello, yes, every tour has a single page that you can used in an iframe


I wanted know specially in Video dialog box popups

there is NO X closing icon indicating

how can I have that on top right

users will know to close it

now we have to click on HOTSPOT to close each time

Hi, currently there is no such possibility. I can do it in the next release, unfortunately these days I can’t integrate it because I am busy, I’m sorry.

I would have given this plugin a great Reviews, if it technically had every possible! I do not find such a button in the Review on this site! But I give this plugin the most stars. Incredibly good and fast support. The plugin works properly without any problem.

First i fall to install, then i belived the zip file was the install. But;

I find the problem, i most packing up the zip first, ha,ha Now its install. My god i think am going to be old here.

Thanks again for god support. You write “Yes, it’s the gyroscope button” that you mean? That funktion have this gyroscope button? that its exacly do?

You mean I can replace for example the test buttons to switch to a new image with a regular image instead of telst? if I click “humbnails menu” and choose to put one image in “Change url”? or am I misunderstanding something now?

I mean there is a gyro button in the tour, you can enable it via the settings checkbox. Maybe I didn’t understand what you were asking me.

The URL change function is only needed if you change domains on your site. For example if you change url from to

“if you change url from to" ok now i understand. Thank you.

But this “gyroscope button” am still litle confuse, how and that the button have for funktion and use it for! Have you some example?

I Enable gyroscope button and i can se it in the post then i get the gyroscope button on the controller down there, but nothing happen when i klicking on it! Therefor i not understand the princip/funktion vid that button. Anyway i cant se that button on the mobile so i thing its nothing for mobile then! So that is it for and that is it do this gyroscope button? Maybe am stupido now, ha,ha.

I tested the demo for this plugin

but the full screen button did not work in this demo! Assume it’s just turned off! or is it a problem?

Expect this plugin to be compatible with wp 5.5.3?

Hoping for a prompt reply. I sent you an email, but no response!

I have not received any email, the plugin is compatible with WP 5.5.3

Ok, i understand. Yes i can se that, its ok here. Thanks.

Hello, I cannot see the Tour page I’ve created. Page not found! Why?

Hi, try saving the permalinks, it should be fine. Let me know.

Hi there, great plugin… I have a problem with videos hotspot. I don’t know why it shows me like this

I set the popup with as 540px, but the high is too much what could it be?

sure, I sent you an email

Fixed, have a nice day ;)

thank you very much!


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