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This plugin or Socio Multi Vendor is compatible with SUMO Reward Points, it means if any vendor have the ability to set their own points and can be redeemed just with this vendor.

Thanks in advance :)


No, the points will work only across the site and not for each vendor.


Hello, this is presale question. Which type of commission avalable in this plugin? percentage or fixed? Is there an option for both i.e percentage PLUS fixed ammount? for example, 10% plus 1.00 dollar.

Only percentage is supported. Thanks.

Does this plugin work with: WooCommerce Drop / Raise Prices:


Hard to say without checking. Please email the other Plugin files to and what to check so that our support can check it out.


I have bought it anyhow it seems ok so far i’ll keep you posted

Please do reach our support at for any help.


How do I setup the vendor application form ?


Please check the documentation/shortcode tab where the shortcode which should be used for displaying the vendor application form is available. Please contact our support for further details if needed.


got it thanks

Hi, I just got changed from my CC card for this and you have billed me twice for support: (6 months extended support) Invoice: IVIP14188364 $16.88 Please put $16.88 back onto my CC card.


Please note all payments are handled by Envato. We authors sell our items here but all payments and refunds are handled by Envato and hence you need to contact envato by opening a support ticket using the “Open a Support Request” button here

If you need a refund then also you need to contact envato by opening a support ticket using the “Click here to request a refund” button here

Hope that helps.


Are there visual graphs for vendors on dashboard? How is this better than wc vendors?

As of now there are no graphics and we haven’t compared with the other product. Thanks.

I was getting quite frustrated but have I’m ok now.

I have found that you have a bug in class_mmv_multi_vendor_price_quantity_management.php Line 1492 and line 1493.

The code:

var updated_regular_price = jQuery(’.updated_regular_price<?php echo $vendor_ids->term_id ?>’).val(); var updated_sale_price = jQuery(’.updated_sale_price<?php echo $vendor_ids->term_id ?>’).val();


var updated_regular_price = parseFloat( jQuery(’.updated_regular_price<?php echo $vendor_ids->term_id ?>’).val() ); var updated_sale_price = parseFloat(jQuery(’.updated_sale_price<?php echo $vendor_ids->term_id ?>’).val());

Otherwise the Line: 1505: Fails!!!! if (updated_sale_price > updated_regular_price)

When: Your in admin product screen and put valid values in Price and Sales Price fields. AND: Press the update button Results In: Annoying message “Sales Price Should not be greater than Regular price” Will show and not save my updated sales price.

Please Update your plugin, so I dont have to hack it. thanks


Thanks for reporting. We will include the fix in our next update.

Our support doesn’t check here and we feel it doesn’t help anyone by posting the code details here publicly. We have our own support channel which is the right place to report issues or seek support. Please be kind enough to send all your findings through a ticket at and our support will check it out.

Thanks for your understanding.

Sure NP, will do next time

Thank you so much.

Are vendor logos seen on the frontend or backend?

It should be shown in frontend but there is some issue in it which we will look into. Thanks.

Please show me an example of how it should look. Also, let me know when this issue has been fixed. Thanks.

Please check with our support at by opening a support ticket and our support will let you know.


On the vendor application form is the commission rate blank or filled in by the admin or applicant?

It can be prefilled or vendor can be allowed to input which is an option. Thanks.

When a vendor adds a product on the backend do they see all the admins plugins and theme info?

Vendor won’t see those info in the backend. You can check with the login details given in the demo. Thanks.


Please let us know whether your plugin can do this:

1. For our commissions from each vendor’s sale, we want to set prices by groups. For example, if we want to group CDs, and charge 10% commission for each sale by vendors, then group clothing and charge 5% commission etc, is this possible with this multi-vendor plugin?

2. Can we give vendors 2 options during sign up to our store? For example, we want them to choose to sign up and sell products by paying monthly or yearly subscription charges, and also offer a second option where vendors can choose to sell and pay us commission only after they have made a sale. Thanks

These features are not available. Thanks.

Hello i like your plugin but before buy i need to know if is possibile to see a demo of backend wordpress to see the possibility of administrator and how product are setting and connect to vendor (to have same product by multivendor).


Please check our live preview and on the top of the page there is login credentials for both the admin and vendor.


Hello thanks but i’ve just try. If I login with login details as admin I can see only front-end dashboard and not backend Wordpress Admin plugin setting and other. I need to see this before buy…i need to know system with product are connected to between vendors and how this put on website. Thansk

Once you login as admin then please click the dashboard on the top left to go to the backend settings. If you need more info, please contact our support at


Hi, we bought your plugin and when a vendor registers and provides company name, abn, etc, none of this information is transferred into the wordpress user details. You have to re-enter it in the backend. Am I missing something? Our website is

As of now these details are not updated in the WP user details. Please contact our support at and we will see what best we can do.


1. What happens when a buyer add 2 different products with 2 differents vendors? 2. what happens with the payment? go straight to the vendor or to my account? (in case of payment module MERCADOPAGO that already supported by woo commerce)

1. Product1 from Vendor1 and Product2 from Vendor2 can be added to the cart and bought together in the same purchase.

2. For any WooCommerce supported payment gateway (except the inbuilt PayPal Split) the payments will be received by the site admin and then the vendor commissions have to be paid manually by the site admin.


Hi, does this plugin works with SUMO Reward Points, with another of YOUR plugin? So vendors could set up different rewards etc. on their own. Thanks

Settings can be set at Product level by the Vendor. Vendor is same as Category which is not available. Global level can be set only by the site admin. In Muven Multi Vendor the same product can be sold by multiple vendors and the Product level can be set only by the first vendor who created the Product.

Please check with our support at in case you have more questions before deciding.


Hi, can I allow user to resell purchased products in the same store? So I could buy a product and then resell it later. Thanks.

Any user who has become a vendor can resell the products existing in the shop. So, yes it is possible. Thanks.

Can I allow vendor to sell automatically some specific products?

As of now, site admin has to approve the vendor to sell a product. We will add the automatic approval option in future updates.


can this be integrated with a courseware , meaning multivendor that can sell digital products and courses e.g. sensei


Selling digital products is possible but all features supported by sensei may not be compatible. Please check our demo and feel free to check with our support team by opening a ticket at


Does this Muven Multi Vendor – WooCommerce Marketplace System comes with paypal adaptive or do i have to buy a paypal adaptive plugin to work with Muven Multi Vendor – WooCommerce Marketplace System ? I would like to know because you have mentioned if buyers activate paypal adaptive… Please clarify before i buy… Thanks

The PayPal Adaptive Split payment is available within Muven Multi Vendor. Thanks.

Hi, I have a question to see if this plugin meets my needs: 1. I need a plugin that has many vendors 2. They need to have access to their account but can only see their products and stock but nothing else. 3. I can transfer products between one another. 4. Can I have one product and then each vendor can have a particular stock of my product? Thank you in advance


1, 2, 4 – possible and 3 – not possible