Muven Multi Vendor - WooCommerce Marketplace System

Muven Multi Vendor - WooCommerce Marketplace System

Muven Multi Vendor - WooCommerce Marketplace System - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Muven Multi Vendor is a WooCommerce Plugin which can make your WooCommerce Site into a Multi Vendor Site. Using this plugin you can allow other Sellers to sell products in your site. The buyers can choose which Seller to buy the Product from, as Muven Multi Vendor supports selling of the same product by Multiple Vendors. Vendors can create the Products, Manage stock and Price using their Backend dashboard. Muven Multi Vendor Plugin works for All Default Product Types of WooCommerce and is Translation Ready.

All Payments will be received by the site admin and then the Vendor Commissions will have to be paid to the Vendors manually by the site admin. Hence any Payment Gateway that works with WooCommerce will work with Muven.

If the buyer uses the inbuilt PayPal Adaptive Split Payment Gateway and the Vendor PayPal is available then the Payments will be split between the site admin and Vendor (for Vendor Commission) instantly and sent.


  • Multi Vendor System for WooCommerce
  • Multiple Vendors can Sell the Same Product
  • Buyers can choose which Seller to buy the Product from
  • Vendor Creation by Admin
  • Members can become Vendors by submitting Vendor Application Form
  • Vendors can Request the Site Admin to Sell an existing product in the site
  • Multiple Vendors for the same product can be sorted based on Price and alphabetical order
  • Supports All Default Product Types
  • Shortcode for Viewing Vendor Log
  • Commission Rate can be set for the Vendor in Product Level, Vendor Level and Global Level
  • Export CSV feature to Pay Vendor Commissions using PayPal Mass Payment
  • Compatible with Gravity Forms (i.e. you can design the form but can?t add custom fields)
  • Translation Ready
  • and more


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 2.7 on 06 February 2017
New: Shortcodes for Displaying Products Sold by Vendor and Vendor Dashboard
New: Vendor Details displayed in a separate Shortcode
New: Commission calculated for Subscription Renewal Orders created by SUMO Subscriptions

Version 2.6 on 17 January 2017
Fix: Add to Cart button displayed for Admin when their Stock is empty
Fix: When Product stock is 1 quantity, multiple users being able to purchase the Product
Fix: Vendor Commission Calculation based on discount price
Tweak: Display Two Columns "Discount Product Price", "Discount Coupon Value" in Commission Table

Version 2.5 on 27 October 2016
Fix: One Vendor is missing from available Vendors for Products which are sold by Admin
Fix: Admin not being removed from featured Vendor when their stock is empty
Fix: When Multiple vendors are associated with a Product, not being able to purchase all quantities of the last
        vendor available
Tweak: Site Admin can not change the featured Vendor when Stock is not managed by the products they created

Version 2.4 on 26 October 2016
New: Custom CSS option added for Single Product Page
New: PO files added for Greek language
Tweak: Regular Price can be set with decimal value for Products which are sold through Form
Tweak: PO Files updated
Fix: Translation not working properly

Version 2.3 on 16 September 2016
New: Vendor can submit request to sell existing products via csv
Tweak: Vendors can set the product price with two decimal places
Tweak: Vendors can set the Product price with decimal value based on settings in WooCommerce
Fix: Not being able to translate with translation files

Version 2.2 on 17 July 2016
- New: Custom Error Message Label Added for Vendor Name Already Exists
- Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.x
- Fix: WPML translation for (product & shop) pages
- Fix: Product doesn't have corresponding vendor in cart page
- Fix: Vendor Name Validation when submitting the Vendor Application Form

Version 2.1 on 15 May 2016
- New: Vendor Commission Rounding off based on WooCommerce Number of Decimals option

Version 2.0 on 22 April 2016
- New: PayPal Adaptive Split Payment payment gateway added to transfer the Vendor Commission when Vendor PayPal is available
- New: Option to set Feature Vendor for Simple Products
- New: Separate Vendor Ratings by the buyer in My Account Page
- Fix: Instead of Product Name it displays Order Received in Vendor emails
- Fix: Removed unnecessary fields in Commission tab
- Fix: Incorrect message displayed in My Account Page for non-vendor user roles
- Fix: Error message displayed in Order Page, when the Order doesn't have Vendor associated Products
- Fix: Error message displayed when the Vendor who created the Product is unchecked

Version 1.1 on 09 April 2016
- Fix: Display variation details when a specific variation is selected for vendor association
- Fix: Display of Fields problem for Vendor when submitting form for selling Existing Products
- Fix: Error message displayed in Order Page when the Order doesn't have Vendor associated Products

Version 1.0 on 09 March 2016
- Initial Release