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Hi If you can send me images to reskin the app ( Muslims islamic app ) and i will pay you , because i couldn;t reskin it , please reply me , thank you.

Every time when I want to change the package name shows me this error how can resolve it ?

Error:java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.android.ide.common.process.ProcessException:

for changing package name you should change package name in all build files and in Manifest file also then import new package name in each class and clean project and rebuild project Run project

Please I’m waiting.

Help please, When i reskin the app, the button of read quran don’t work, why? please reply me.

And as per your email. i told you that you must have pdf reader to read quran. install the pdf reader which is recommended in documentation. Support is just for issue. we cant make signed apks for our customer. but as a loyalty i am doing this for you. i recommend please wait for while so i send you the signed apk. and will send you the keystroke as well.


mass3ab Purchased

Outstanding Experience! Thank you very much, I wish to work with you again.

Thanks alot can you please give some good rating as well

Hi good Work . i have a problem with apk . the alarme and azaan dosnt work in my apk in phone ? and the admob too . i change d Id with mine but Dont work ? help me plz

we are working on your issues now. please check ticket. you will get something soon

ok im waitting thanks

please reply on ticket

support Android Studio ? support arabic language ?

yes. arabic language you have to code your self not sported yet