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hi, i tried the Demo but it can`t play 24 bit – flac can u fix it?

Hi! Sure, would you send the flac file so i can test it with it??


Can I know whether is possible to implement playing the audio from the folder e.g. “Raw folder” which will have all my audio?


sure no problem at all! just let me know

Hi gustav12, just purchased . Pls guide me through. Thanks

thank you for your purchase! write me at: gustavo_acosta@outlook.com

Receiving git errors and gradle wont synce

When i start Android Studio i get Cant start Git: Probably path to git is invalid.Plz help what is it im doing wrong?

Files updated and submited for review! you will receive a notification when done. thank you!

Thx for the update app works great!

Is if possible to bundle my own mp3 and a restricting app to only play them? Instead of audios on phone?

sure you can! you can place all your mp3 inside the assets folder and play them from there without any problem, just make sure to change the source and point to that

You will add admob in it?

write me to gustavo_acosta at outlook dot com and i will give you details

Can you send me the latest apk for testing

Hi I need to Built-in music player with music files in “raw folder” ((The sound is running inside the existing files in a “folder raw” When you open an application )) * Not run music files saved within the device’s memory Thank

of course! i can do that!!

please write me at gustavo_acosta@outlook.com and we’ll talk

It is possible to lock the app to play a specific folder? Ex.: /sdcard/ibl/nivel1

yes!! it is possible!! you should just fetch all music from that folder