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hey! awesome – very simple!

! – How can anyone controll the Genres?? Change to “anygenre” and change them.

Thank You! Nice.

Hi thanks, please contact me on the item support page, you can change it in the includes/header.php file.

I take it this no longer works as my site does nothing anymore it loads nothing. I tryed reinstalling and all sorts but still nothing

Hi, i see please contact me on the item support page.

none of the links work from homepage.. please help. i already emailed you at item support.

Hi, i have send you mail.

how does it works/ what if i do not need latest music from itunes store or amazon, just my own, does it still works , say self hosted msic???

Hi, no this script is not for self hosted music.

Do I have add music my own or is it automatic?

Hi, you do not have to do anything, it gets the music from itunes automatically.

And from amazon? Is it easy and fast to setup iTunes account that i can earn money

not from amazon from itunes, yes its easy, read about the itunes affiliate program and sign up here;

hi there presales question 1) is this legal? or will i get shut down by copyright holders? 2) is there a lot of API setup on the background to launch this? 3) what kind of cron or daily maintenace do i have to do? 4) can this be setup in an iframe within a wordpress blog? I still want to maintain my existing logo/ ui 5) does it have amazon music content also? thanks Serendipity

Hi, to answer your questions; 1) it is legal, you are not sharing any copyright downloads. 2) you do not need setup an api or do not need a api key. 3) you do not have to do anything, it is all automatically done. 4) it cannot be in a iframe, you could install in subfolder or subdomain of your wordpress site. 5) no only itunes.

Hey, please add a support for, |


Hi, that is possible, please contact me on the item support page.

hi – again – sorry, yea i have not got your last mail! [or it is in spam.. ]

write again.

Hi, i have just replied to your support mail, please check your inbox.


Few questions;

1. Can i use adsense? 2. Apart Itunes where else can we get musics from? 3. Is this OK, hope i wont get sued? 4. How active is development? last updated in Sep 2016 5. What framework are you using?

Hi, to answer your questions; 1) you can use any ad network 2) its all from itunes 3) its fine, you are not sharing any illegal content 4) iupdates are released when needed 5) its using a custom made php framework.

before i buy, i need to ask. This code support spin content?, Content review for song or album. And what app support spin content can work with. Thank so much.

Hi, i do not what you mean by spin content.

like description about music

no descriptions like that.

Can you update this theme also with the bootstrap option that is on your latest song chart script? Thanks.

Hi, maybe possible in future update.

I installed the script and everything looks awesome. Except the audio preview was loading. Whenever I clicked the play button in Chrome nothing happening.In Firefox working all. What was the problem here?


Stegrie Purchased

Hi i send you two Emails since 2 Days over the item Support.

Hi, i had replied to that mail, please check your inbox.


Stegrie Purchased

Hi see that but send another Mail for another Script

Hi no Link is working when we are clicking on link its heading in front page and how we can do SEO ? when we dont have anything in our hand

Hi, please contact me on the item support page.

i contacted you but no reply from there

Hi, i did reply, please check your inbox.

Is it possible to set as default input for the homepage? For example a genre or a search for a song? So the homepage can be customised?

Hi, it is possible to show from a specific genre, you need to edit the homepage template for that.

Hey can Admin add music file like Mp3 from computer

Hi, no you can not add music files.

i want to add a sitemap file please help me to create a sitemap file