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forget 1st question ive sorted it :)


ColeRV Purchased

Hello, extracted script in WP sub folder, (exampledomain.tld/music/), but the site content is completely disordered.Here is what it looks like ( Please advise how to solve the problem?Thank you

Hi, sure please contact me on the item support page.


ColeRV Purchased

Sent, please check it out


ColeRV Purchased

Solved it myself.Works now!

Can you tell me please what file or files you updated, on changelog I see no changes.

It was only the style.css

Hello, That’s the script I’m looking for. But before buying I have a few questions: 1. How do I do caching, css, html and js minify and merge? 2. Can we add Play on Spotify buttons to song/album pages?

Hi, 1) That question is to broad to answer also not related to the working of the script. 2) Sure you can add or edit whatever you like.

Hi, I have installed the theme but it seems the page not showing properly. I raised a ticket but no one response. Please advice.

How about download?

How can i add release date to all the other pages just below the title, example i want to add release date below every album on this page

Sorry there are no options for that.

Well i found some SEO issues. When i track belongs to an album, the meta title shows the album title but uses the track url, here is an Example:

The url is is for track 2 “The Box – Roddy Ricch” but picks the album meta title, It doesn’t look good for SEO as every track would have their own url but use the album meta title which could cause thousands of duplicate content error. I think the best would be that Meta title picks the track title for songs and album title for albums.

Hi, please contact me on the item support page or my user page for support.

able download music in script?

Hi, no only Apple music.

Please, does it have sitemap so Google can index the url?. THanks

No sitemap, but search engines will be able to organic crawl and index all the urls.

i can build sitemap for it sha, user generated sitemap. let me check it well and buy and re-work on it

Hello, when is the system upgrade planned?

Hi, there will be an update this summer.

i would like to buy but do i add custom albums, tracks and videos for example i want to share here a website link: i need this like i can add albums and tracks some free options at my self.

Can we save all titles in database?

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This error is coming how to resolve?

Hi, please contact me on the item support page or my user page for support.