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hi there, do you allow local currencies on the site?

Hi, you can select your country and it will also show the currency from that country, supported for 130 countries, see here full list here;


how to create site map ? I want to add site map to google webmaster but I couldn’t.

Hi, there are no options for that, but search engines like google will be able to organic crawl and index the urls.

Hi there, I have a problem with the siteconfig file… I have updated the iTunes ID but It seems I see only clicks but no sales on my statss for some reason I’m baffled. I am wondering if I am supposed to somehow add this tag “&?app=music” like so ?app=music&at=12345 please help me theres also a difference in ID and token so which one goes there? Currently I have just put only my affiliate token into the id field

Hi, the itunes affiliate token (id) is what you need in the siteconfig file, if you can see clicks reported in your stats then its working correctly, remember that a click to itunes not guarantees you get a sale from it.

Thank you for your reply. I seem to be getting clicks and sales on the amazon side but on the iTunes side there are only clicks, which seems like there is some kind of problem. However I trust you on this.

Great platform… great idea, ajax browsing? I think this is “must” for something like this idea, ajax browsing with an ajax music player on footer for example.

Hi thanks, using ajax is not preferred for seo purpose, search engines are not so good at crawling and indexing javascript ajax content, anyway thanks for your feedback.

hi could i use this on my wordpress website ?

Hi, you can install it in on subdomain or subfolder of your wordpress site and link to it.

Hi im interested in this but one question why does it not show the amazon prices, as amazon is my main affiliate id like the prices to show.

ok got it all working but i notice the url link when going to amazon contains my id ok but as soon as you click on an album in amazon the id goes from the url. does this mean that i wont get that as an affilaite.

Hi, i have send you support mail.

Thanks you

Does this script autoupdate all the content or if not what is the manual work? Is there a demo of the admin?

Hi, yes it gets the data from the itunes api so its always up date and you dont have to do anything. there is no admin panel but a config file for all the settings.

Also like the other user said, why doesn’t the script show the best price available atm, being either itunes or amazon on the website? This should be listed on your script

Hi, prices are only available for itunes because it uses the itunes api.

any plans in the future to set it up how I described (lowest price)

Hi, no because amazon prices are not available by the api.


hmg29 Purchased

HI, great script! Three questions: How can I change the colors?

Is it possible, to integrate the script in my wordpress page (full integration or iframe)? I wanna use the header of my wordpress page and hide the header of your script.

Can I set up a categorie for the whole site? I just want to display german rap and US rap music.

Thank you

Hi, please contact me on the item support page.

Can we have multi-region store? please update this feature. thanks.

Hi, maybe if possible in the future, thanks for the feedback.

Is there any way to integrate this with Beatport?

Hi, maybe if you can customize but there are no beatport integrations included.

can we add free music too? , i want to add free music download and buy from apple.

Hi, there are no options for adding free music included.


simplit Purchased

What license is this released under?


simplit Purchased

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Hi, i have first question now.

What is itunes affiliate id? what i have to put in $itunes_id = ’ ’;

It’s my itunes unique user id like 10003937 (10 digit number) or user api key like Tz7Bo5 (upto 8 string)

i tested it on here by using my itunes api key. it’s there something wrong?

and i have another question after this….

Hi, please contact me on the item support page.

Can I select 1 genre to appear in the page?

ex: (just electronic music) top musics/albuns/artists/ etc… just one genre field.

Is it easy to find it and change it in the source-code filter?

Hi, you can remove all other genres from the navigation bar in the header template file.

Hi, Great & Amazing Script , i want to buy it but first i have a suggestion , can you make a version with upload music ? to be like soundcloud ? Thanks

Hi, no this one is not for uploading music, but maybe as a different script in the future, thanks for your feedback.

Please build new script like this for souncloud,

Hi, maybe as a different script in the future, thanks for your feedback.

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