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hello mr

probleme picture gallery


help me plz thanks mr

Hi, Are your file permissions set to write/read in the uploads folder? Also, is there any images in the uploads folder? Try and download this placeholder image from the demo: http://www.neurondigital.com/demos/bandapp/upload/icon_placeholder2.jpg and upload it on your server as a gallery, just to test out if its a problem with the image.

Why do not I drop and add? The same demo version?

When I click on the delete button, nothing happens, and when they click on the Save button turns me into an empty processpost.php page? !!

please check your permissions to the upload folder. if you don’t manage to get it working, send me an email and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Where is the documentation for this app? I need to open this project in Android Studio !!! HELP

Hi, I just saw your email. The app uses a library android-smart-image-view- The error is telling you that it could not be found. It should work fine if you add it into your project. The library is included in the folder under /required libraries/

processpost.php error i get a error 500

Are there any errors in the error log? This will help me see where the problem is coming from. If you wish you can send me an email through my profile page.

Does it include Google Play Library and the new admob SDK? If YES, the I’ll definitely purchase this code…

Hi, I’m afraid this app doesn’t come with admob

Getting error at admin page:


Fatal error: Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _FILES in /home/sosolyrics/public_html/echo/processpost.php on line 65

And im getting a error when i want to export the app using eclipse:

http://s4.postimg.org/4t6am7sy5/pic1.png Imported JAR correctly: http://s7.postimg.org/nzlrusb8r/foto2.png

Can you help me??

App is working thank you :D

I checked your solution for side server and it did worked but when i upload a song it gives me the following error:

Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home/sosolyrics/public_html/echo/processpost.php on line 69 The file is not an MP3 file.

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/sosolyrics/public_html/echo/processpost.php:69) in /home/sosolyrics/public_html/echo/processpost.php on line 202

Can you send me the code by email? melvin@neurondigital.com I’ll check it out and change it for you.


From the error, I see that the app is pointing to the admin page, not the ‘appserver.php’ page. For this reason it’s not understanding the data that it’s sending.

To solve open strings.xml and change the following line:

<string name="ServerUrl">http://www.neurondigital.com/demos/bandapp/appserver.php</string>

Make sure to point to your ‘appserver.php’.

Thanks for your purchase!

Oke thanks

How add categories?

The app has no features for Categories. Each song can have an icon of its own. You can add the icon through the admin page.

Created last 3 years any updates coming soon?

Hi, I have no updates planned currently. However, if you would like to see a new feature in the future, feel free to suggest it and I’ll consider it for the next update

Before I buy I would like to know if Admob can be integrated also want to know that it is the project can be edited in Android Studio

Hi, Admob can be integrated, but the code isn’t currently included in the source code. So it needs to be added.

The project was designed using eclipse. The App could still be imported into Android studio, if you prefer that.

Hello, There is image format support error, so what can i do???

Hi, please use the account that purchased the item, for support.

Demo returns “Please wait buffering…” when song is played, but nothing happens. If this by design in the demo itself? Also, how easy is it to create streaming playlists from a database (Alternative, Blues, BPM, or Wordpress taxonomies, etc.) from individual songs? XML, Rest API or what would work best? Thanks.

Hi, I just tried the demo app and its working fine from my side. The message is displayed when the song takes long to fill the buffer. It may be due to a slow connection.

I think it would be a bit challenging to add in this feature. The app streams mp3 from a url. I never used such system myself.

Hello, What will the cost for a custom push notification on the app, from the admin panel.

Hi, I’m sorry I’m a not available for custom work right now.

Hello, please unlock features admin page because I buy your app but admin page data is locked.

Hi, what do you mean?

processpost.php page it’s empty or error ,I cant’n change information in admin page.

The white background shows that there’s an error with the processpost.php file. Most probably an error generated due to insufficient privileges or so. Check out your server error log to determine what is the problem. Feel free to send me the error by email: melvin@neurondigital.com

How to change the App-Title “Band App”? and how change the Title-Photo of the App?

Hi, Please use an account that has purchased the template to request support. Else, send me a personal message from my Profile page, so that I can verify your purchase. Thanks

i have no way´s to modify an APK. All templateworks must be modify in the adminpanel or by the author. so then i buy this item

The app title ‘Band App’ can be modified from strings.xml. It can’t be modified dynamically through the admin panel. The main photo of the app also needs to be added before launching the app, by drag and dropping a new photo to replace the old one.

In the file folder “Musician – A Music Band Android App” there are 2 MySQL database, the first one I uploaded to phpmyadmin fails an error message, and then I try a second database from folder “import into database tables incase you can not import the sql database” could upload my work, I change the user data, database name in the file” database.php “keep me logged in and until this step is successful, then I tried to input data / post but here do not succeed or fail, it looks so blank , please help, why did it happen? I attach a blank look on link: SS—> http://prnt.sc/e4ry8q. in response please .. thanks

Hi, I have just sent you an email. Please do get back to me with your admin page credentials, or if you like you can send me access to your server and I’ll fix the problem for you directly.

I am interested in this source code. What you can provide project it onto the Android Studio? And what you can give his project that already support AdMob?

Hi, I’m afraid this project only comes for eclipse. Having said that, you can easily import it into Android Studio. The only problem is that Android Studio might change the libraries for you. Also, the template, doesn’t have admob.


evillca Purchased

Hola, soy de Bolivia, hace poco compre el codigo fuente, pero tiene errores, no funciona en mi sitio web, necesito asistencia para poder instalar, ya me contacte con uds. via su pagina web pero no me responden hasta la fecha por favor

Hi, just replied to your email

can request template with admob ?

Hi, This template doesn’t come with admob.

Hi , i have sent you an email with my concerns before proceeding with the checkout. am looking forward for your replay. Thanks

Hi, replied :)