Musician - A Music Band Android App

Musician - A Music Band Android App

Have a band? This is the Perfect Android App for your group. All content in the App is managed via an Admin page that you can access via your Internet Browser. Running on an Android Platform, this App connects to the Admin page and loads all data for your fans. The App can also work without an Internet Connection.

Check out a Demo of the App or a demo of the Admin Page

The Android App

A clean, responsive, very easy to use app for your fans to view. The App depends on the server to get it’s contents but it also has the feature to save all contents on the Android device once the user loads it for the first time.

The Admin Page

A Clean metro inspired Admin page, with password login. The administrator can upload images, Lyrics, News directly from the editor. Lyrics and News are HTML Enabled, so you can choose to include links in your text.

What’s Included

Perfect for the following Applications

Tested on Multiple Devices


Like the the idea but don’t want to set everything up yourself? We can customise the app and set-up the server for you. Contact us on or visit our website on


  1. Facebook Integration
  2. Twitter Integration
  3. Google+ Integration
  4. Clean and responsive design
  5. Very easy to use
  6. Responsive Metro inspired Admin page
  7. Thousands Of Uses – This is not just a Band App. You can choose to use it for your company, group or any other Application you like.
  8. Upload images directly from Admin page
  9. HTML Enabled – Your news and Lyrics are HTML enabled, so it is possible to include Links and formatted text in your text.

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