MusicBox-Modern Music Player With Admob Intergration

MusicBox-Modern Music Player With Admob Intergration

MusicBox is an android app music player script which enable you to own your own music player in google playstore.
MusicBox is very fast ,modern, secured Music Player and it will be regularly updated.
It support Playback of any music from your library,Supported Media Formats:Audio MP3,OGG,WMA,WAV etc.
App owner can easly earn money through Ads campaign (GOOGLE ADMOB) or through Selling products and themes within the app through google billing.

User Features

  • Material design :Best and modern material design which come up with great animation on both screens.
  • Browse Songs, Albums, Artists :Allow a user to browse through albums,songs etc.
  • Create and edit playlists :Allow a user to create a playlist or use and edit already made playlists like most playing,recent added etc.
  • 6 different now playing styles :MusicBox come up with 6 different now playing screen which user can choose 3 free screen he want to use also he can pay for other pro screens
  • Full and easy Customizable :It allow user to customize app according to his needs eg. changing primary color,navigation tabs etc.
  • Browse device folders :It allow a user to browse through different folders found in his device to get more songs.
  • Dark theme and Light theme :MusicBox come up with two different themes which are dark and light theme. A user will choose which theme to use according to his needs
  • Gestures for track switching
  • LastFM scrobble :It come up with lastFm intergrated which allow a user to login with his/her lastFm account.
  • Android Wear and Android Auto support
  • Playing queue in notification (Xposed)
  • Lyrics support :It support lyrics which can be external file or fetch online lyrics
  • Chromecast support
  • HomeScreen Widgets
  • Equalizer support
  • Admob Support :It support both admob ads,video rewards and all other types
  • App owner can easly add items for sale and earn money in the app through google billling
  • Set songs as ringtone
  • It Support more than 30 different languages.

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Version 1.2 (15 Feb 2021) recently

>Added support on android version 10 and 11.
>Added Google Pay Billing , now app admin (owner) can add product on the app or sell themes within the app and earn money.
>Added Chinese,French,German and Italian translation.
>Improve Equalizer for better listerning performance.
>Reduced APK size.
>Bug fixes and app speed improvements.

Version 1.1 (15. May 2020)

>Added dark theme as a default theme
>Added Banner ads on every page
>Added Interstitial ads when song clicked and playing
>Fixed bugs
>App speed improved

Version 1 :

-initial release