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No ARC ?

So it’s a very old piece of code…

Hi aven59, this app not support ARC but it run on Xcode5 and support iOS7. Thanks.

Hey! C’mon codespotmobileapps! Do you know this year is 2014 and iOS 7 with Xcode 5. Your code is a century year old. (According to Cyber calendar year!) What wrong with you? Last time you post China Chess now this!?#@??

Dear Sir, Is it ready for iOS 7 and iphone 5?

Hi lffracaro, this app run on Xcode5 and support for iOS7 and Iphone 5. Thank you for your interest.

Hi, Sound like there’s no support for this app at all—no answer for 22 day ago question.

Much interested in this App. Is it ready for IOS7?

Hi chamroeunbbu, this app run on Xcode5 and and support iOS7. We specified on description for this app. Thanks.

Hi, Can you give me a promotonal code to test your Music app before I decide to make purchase?

Hi I did’nt see any tutorial cold you please send me how to insert musics edit texts etc? My email is info@wespadigital.com Thanks

ok, we sent a mail to you. Thanks

Hi, I really enjoying you app. Could you also send me the tutorial? On my test device, the last song did not automatically stopped after the game has finish. How to fixes that? Thanks.

do you have the same source code for android?

this work with latest ios and xcode ?

and Android? Thanks so much