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Hello, I have tested the demo, he tracked the song but then return to the site home page and do not see the search results.

Give me your skype id, i can’t understand where is the problem, if you say that it showed informations.

From what you say i understant that the script works.

It is not problems for Skype, but I do not speak English. While reporting link url script once tracked the song, but does not report any page DVE can hear the song but only visible as written in the url.

track title WARRIOR artist Marco Mengoni. Now the point is where the Mengoni & album = Warrior

My Account Skype is piero.meloni

I’ll take a look, at it, meanwhile can you try another audio track? if you have another issues do not hesitate to ask.

Hello, I want to buy this awesome script but in the android app it shows all the details of the song ie. name of song , singer and album etc but there is no option to download will it be possible for you to add this feature ?

i can try to put a link to itunes or similar services, and user can download it from there, i will try to embed it but but i cannot say a time when it will be ready, i will not put links like zippyshare or rapidshare etc. only payed services will allow to download songs.

So it’s ok for you if i i do what i told?

don’t work search results don’t appear after uploading track.. also microphone does not work with firefox and can this script be inserted into website php page?

it could happen this because i used a demo key for this demo and is limited on a fixed number of request / day , please try againg later.

Can be inserted into web page ?

If your hosting has FFMPEG installed, you can use it without any problem, just extract the recognition part, but if you don’t have FFMPEG you can use my hosting, only thing you will need to do is to provide me your acrcloud keys.

which is the price of the acrcloud api?

Give me your email and i’ll send you a list with prices.

What about the Android APP, it is with Sourcecode? You Video on Demo Page “How it works”, shows me an Keanu Reeves Movietrailer

price of the acrcloud api would also not bad

Yes , the android app is with source code , you can find it here : , give me your email and i’ll send you acrclud price list.

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Hello, tell me more about your problem

I want to buy but your site is confusing, that’s probably why you have low sales. Clean it up and remove everything except the upload and listen button.

1. Can admin add music manually or does it use some api to recognise new music?

2. Can admin add custom information (like a link etc) for the music that’s recognised?

Your last messages were : sure, it will take time to design, so will send it tommrow


Hey, been busy with work so I will send you the mockup on Monday.

I didn’t receive anything as i said earlier

I skyped you on Tuesday

Hi, can i load my own songs? you explain how?

hello. you can load your songs but you have to code it yourself . we can write me on my email.

Hi, is it possible for this app to recognised audio from a specific database self hosted and provide a comparison on similarity?

The app uses API from Acr Cloud. In this moment you can’t use other datase. Write to my email, and i will tell you how you can do what you want.

hello, are you there?

Hello, you can write to my email,

i write you

Updated file, not work