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Is this app preconfigured to support in-app purchase of additional tracks? Or planned in a future release?

hello, the app does not have in app purchase functionality for additional tracks. no plan for future releases so far.

just sent you an email

hi how can i make list song scrollable , now there are song not show , the list contain 16 song !!

hello, put your source code on dropbox and send me link. i will take a look and provide a quick fix. my email : bpolat@live.com

Hello, I see you have updated your app for swift 3. Have you also added the function so users can add their own playlists or does it only play the songs I put in the app? Thanks

hello, this only plays what you put into the app. thank you.

Still waiting for you to edit problem with list .. there are some cells in bottom can’t reach .. you said you are on vacation for week .. and the week over please update and fix the problem

Hello, it was very busy week. I will upload new version today. Thank you.


update is submitted. it can be available for download in 2-3 days.

Hi, I downloaded the current version of your app, but didn’t find the version with admob. Please advise, I need admob integrated. Regards

hello, i just submitted a new version with Admob. You can download in couple of days once it is reviewed by codecanyon.

Thank you so much for your quick answer.

problem to find asserts folder in the package i have… i have just sent you a message via email….

i replied your email. thank you.


nsoud Purchased

Thank you for the great work, please i need a favorite list, can you do it, thank you very much

Can you edit the banner ads to support iPhone X by moving it to bottom