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hello i cannot get any of my local or distant xml playlist on the player. any help or code sharing will help please. thanks in advance

sorry i can’t do somethig for this, this depends from envato market!

i have multiple artiste in multiple html files i want to put only one “js” files but in the html code i want to call distant xml playlist file. could we do it.

can you explain me better please, you mean want be like the ssPlayer playlist?

looks nice but does not have a progress bar when playing music !

ooops i missed it , i bought your other player with the horizontal bar , does those players support local list located in the folder ? i did not try it yet !

Hello! Yes this is same load songs from xml list, the difference from other player is not support multiple list and not set song from js only from xml!

contact me via mail!

the player doing our very late start in mobile data connection. how to apply a fix?

Server PHP Version: 5.4.24 Client Platform: Android 5.1. Browser: Any Android Supported Browser

Hello thanks for purchase! In all mobile it must first load the sound and then start play cant be done something better!


Question 1 :

Hi , I have a question ? If i BUY the script. I would like to know if the player take all the screen on my iphone. Is it provided in the file if we can have access only on the player ?because on the demo, we can see a presentation page with the player ?

If I want only the player in one UNIQUE page ? Is it also possible ?

Question 2 : If I have MP3 files on my ftp. Can I redirect link from my ftp instead to use soundcloud ?

Hello, 1.The player it can be used in unique page but to take all screen you must set up css file to get this result. 2. It can play mp3 external paths not only soundcloud

I have a question ? If I pay you to change the css file and make it compatible with any iphone screen and android ? (like responsive) ? Would you do it for me?

Hello yes this can be done but i m not sure if working with phone oriantation screen!


I just bought this and the demo included doesn’t seem to work. I can’t get it to play anything. I am running on local machine, which should be okay shouldn’t it? There is no php involved only javascript ?

i sent to the email address in your help file


not receive something try contact me here via author contact form!

ok just receive you email!

can you tell me email to send files to please. I sent to the email in your help file. Cant upload zip via support form

No need upload files there just contact me there I will contact u back

Can it somehow be made to work locally? (With local playlist and files) .In its current form, it does not work.

Only load from xml you can only auto generate xml list

I just throw me the necessary files to a folder such as mp3, and then when I open a player, I have generated a list of music and automatically generated playlist in xml and immediately begins listening. Conveniently fact) Thank you for your player

Thanks for purchase my player! Don’t forget to rate :)

I purchased your “Simple Standalone Sound Payer HTML5 with XML” a few years ago, https://codecanyon.net/item/simple-standalone-sound-player-html5-with-xml/8324702. Today, I saw your other player, “Music Player XML List jQuery Plugin” https://codecanyon.net/item/music-player-xml-list-jquery-plugin/9491377. I liked the new interface. So, I bought it. But, it looks identical, and behaves like the first player. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.

hello thanks for purchase my applications, yes they are identical they have few small differences the music player has the knob slider and dont working as single player working only with xml data, also will be update this in next day supports soundcloud lists

Is it possible for the cover image to be displayed throughout the player instead of a circle?

Hello friend image already set through the player

Hi I purchased the mplayer today and doen’t work , when open the index just get a black backgroung box with the control icons .

Sorry Im not an expert and trying to set up your player in my web.

thanks for your help

Private message you can sent from my profile contact form, friend will only play online the player not on local

ok then thanks, I have your other player too and it work offline, I’ll upload it and test, thanks once again

I did sent you a private message

How/Where do I edit the URL hyperlinks for the social media buttons? Can I make them link to my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages? Thanks in advance. This is my favorite media player!

just add your link to social inside the ’ ‘

Thank you!

You are welcome! thank you for purchase my applications