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I got an email from Google saying that the app that I published violates their user data policy and they gave this link. Does Music Band use any plugins that would violate their policy? Please help.

Thanks, Sean

Hi which email can I use to send you the message?

Hi, you can send it using the following form:

Thanks, I’ve sent the attachment.

I wanna purchase this app I like it very much, but when I download the demp Apk, the Sound of the radio doesn’t work, is it only on the demo that its not working or also if I buy the app ? Thanks

Hi, we provide 2 demo APKs: one built with Crosswalk and a regular one. Which one did you try? For older Android devices we recommend that you use the APK built with Crosswalk.

Since i buy this app never work Please can you make It Radio Stream Work ??

Hi, could you send the audio stream link you are trying to make the app work with? We will test it at our end.

have a query, in the documentation says NODE JS 4.X, is currently in version 6, does it affect something at the time of developing or modifying the project?

Hi, the app is tested with Node 4.x with no known issues until now. So, we recommend that you use Node 4.x.

Hello, we bought the application, ios we could do it correctly, but in android does not play the stream, and when we want to add a plugins it says the error Error: Unexpected token} in JSON at position 2940

Hi, the package.json file is distrorted. There is a copy of this file named package.json.local. Please, copy its contents and paste them in your package.json file. Then, delete the plugins folder and run the command “ionic state restore” to re-install all the necessary plugins.

Please need a support to make it work on android

Hi, we sent a reply to your previous comment.

Hi, we also have a problem when editing the ip of the radio, we changed it as the manual says we run the build again and does not take the changes. (Text changes if you take them)

Did you test the app on a real device or the browser? Please, make sure you test it on a real device since this feature is based on a Cordova plugin which is available only on a real device. Also, you could share the audio stream with us so we can test the app on our end.

is there anyway to show Lyrics for each song (audio or video)

The app shows the title, the artist and the album cover. However, as long as your source on Shoutcast provides lyrics in metadata, you can use them in the app by making the necessary additions to the code that already exists and brings the metadata of a song.

Hello how do I buy the backend of this app?

Hi, you could use the tree-like UI Firebase provides in order to manage your data: If this is not an option for you, you could contact our support centre to ask for an alternative. Thanks

any plan to update ionic to v3 ?

In general, we have plans to upgrade our apps to Ionic 3 but this project is not our top priority. If you are in rush you could hire us for a custom project using the following form:

where to add shoutcast url

Hi, there should be an “audioStream” property under the “appSettings” node of your Firebase project:

I can not install the project’s dependencies, this does not work


satsalou Author Team

Hi, could you send the error logs to us using the form below?

Hi, I just purchased and downloaded the new update, but I still couldn’t get it working with my youtube channel, I have changed the key in config.ts and replace the youtube channel in firebase but still can not work. What should I do?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, we replied to the ticket you opened for this issue on our Support System. Let’s use that ticket to keep all the context of this issue in one place. Thanks

Hello, is it an application to put 1 artist or several? How much is maximun?


satsalou Author Team

Hello, thanks for leaving a comment. This app is meant to be used for one artist/band.

Not for several artists? We are looking for several artists only !!!! You can do it as a developer You take a lot of time to answer!


satsalou Author Team

Hi again, this app does not support multiple artists. If you are interested in a custom project, please, send an inquiry to our Support Center with more details about it. Any wireframes or just screen captures would be really helpful. To contact our Support Center, please, use the link below:

I dont know what happen, but the app stop working, the app does not load the interface, but the ads work perfect, can plz some help!


satsalou Author Team

Hi, could you send more information, error logs, steps to reproduce the error and screen captures using the following form?


is any new updates are coming ?

and can i add songs play and download options as i don’t see music player in demo.

Thank You

Hi, for the time being, we are focusing on exploring Ionic 4 and finding out how we will upgrade our apps so they use it. However, you are welcome to share a short description of the features you would like to see using the following form: As a rule of thumb, we prioritise the requests we receive according to the number of each request. For more information or a custom project inquiry, please, contact us using the form below:

Hi, Please, which version of Node are you using in this project? I had a lot of bugs with “npm install” command. Thanks!

Hi, could you open a support ticket using the following form and share the produced logs with us?

Ok I sent…

Hi, we replied. Please, check your inbox.