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Are you ready to add a score-board for the 10 top players for this game, and what does it cost ?

for freelance work please add me on skype – mehta.himanshu14

I haven’t skype now, but I emailed you in profile

For this game, when I open it in Construct 2….are the levels generated during play or can I place certain objects at specific locations?

Also, how easy or hard is it for me to add additional game elements, like different types of coins and pick-ups and obstacles etc?

Its a infinity game not a level based so the objects and obstacles are random depends on seconds. You can replace images if you want to change coins and if you want you can can add more object or delete the previous ones by adding a line on eventsheet.

if any problem occurs let me know i will let you know.

Can I edit the in lets say notepad ++? I don’t want a too mess about downloading more tools I want to be able to edit on the fly when its hosts but also edit with my tools I already have.

If you dont want to use construct 2 (Game Engine). Then You have to know js to edit the game. yes you can edit on notepad++

Hi! Please, say me your skype id… or email me, i have a question about your nice game..

skype – mehta.himanshu14

Hi I have a problem when I compile it with Ludei, it always runs on my iphone on half screen. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pv8u7mjey6hjc63/Photo%207-1-15%2C%2012%2005%2006%20PM.png?dl=0

so what’s the best configuration to compile the project?

In cocoonjs compiler general configuration tick mark on Portrait UpsideDown and Portrait and below that Scale Method choose Scale aspect fit for both…

Please check on other device also

Hi we have purchased your code and tried making the game but we have not received the capx file so cannot modify the game we want

there is a bug we need to solve when the game ends the replay pop up button does not work and we are unable to modify it in c2 runtime file

would be of great help if you can share the capx file with us

regards Daksh

there construct 2 file main folder please check still facing issues add me on skype – mehta.himanshu14

How to change game object and design element?

You can do changes in construct 2 file..for more help you can add me on skype

Skype : mehta.himanshu14

Hi… I purchased this and when I open it in Construct2, I get an error message saying I do not have an addon called “LiteTween” by Lunnarray. How do I get this? Shouldn’t it be included in the package?