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is it in eclipse or android studio ?

Its in android studio.. But It can also be imported to eclipse too

I want it to play only audio files from res/raw is it posible ?

i mean is it there or i should do some modifications ?

It needs some modification.. I will do it for you

when can you do the modification ? so i will buy immediately

can this play music on a server?

Hi There Right now it only plays the music from sdcard. But It can be modified to play the music from server. Which will cost you some extra. Contact me if you want to customize. :)

not free customize? okay, about how much are we talking about?

I need to know more before estimating the cost. PM me for that. Thanks

it’s possible to to play mp3 files from raw? How much will it cost me?

Hi. Is it possible to blur the album cover bgs?

Yes it is possible

it’s possible to to play mp3 files from raw? How much will it cost me?

can you please reply my email ?????

I open in eclipse, if need appcompat library? after I plug still error, should use appcompat version number?

Yes you need appcompat library for this. You might want to switch to android studio to edit this project because its supereasy to import plugins and libraries :)

Hello greenye, i really liked this music player specially the template, there is any option that ur player support also videos ?

Best regards

Please check your PM bro

Are you still selling this App

Great idea!