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Thanks so much

Hi mysticmetal, I’ll publish a demonstration video soon.

I love the idea. I had actually built my own script installer for CodeCanyon, but never got around to actually uploading it. $12 is an amazing price, saves developers a lot of time.

I am curious though as to how customizable this is. Is there an admin panel or are we suppose to edit th script code itself?

Good luck with sales!

Thanks F4t4lity. Muph can be configured just by changing some lines of code in its config.class.php file. Moreover, you can create your sql structure for your app’s db tables and muph will recognise them and it’ll execute them properly. All has been explained inside the quick start guide included in the package.

Can I use to install Joomla? I know that Joomla comes with an installer, but I need your script to create a installer of a customized joomla, is it possible? How do I configure? Is it easy?

Hi elevabrasil, yes sure, that’s possible! But you have to know which db tables need to be created, of course :)

Have some questions please:

1) Is it possible to disable the database setup requirement? No need for a database on my project.

2) I have many steps (questions) that need user to answer before installing. What is the limit of steps I can use with your script?

3) Does the setup script require ioncube or similar to run on server?


Hello texasbiz:
  1. There is no possibility to avoid db conf right now with muph. You should code the exception.
  2. There are three steps. If more steps are needed they must be added inside the code.
  3. Setup does not require other modules.


Is there plans for next update

No updates at least within September, 2016