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Any updates on the above issue from almost 3 weeks ago??


Is there an estimate time-frame for the fix?? :( Why is it taking forever it seems.

Navigation is broken and not displaying properly as previously mentioned.

Hi. I’m sorry for delay. Too much busy these days. I’ll do it during next week.

Hi. I’ve just released new version of the plugin. ;-)

Can I use this create a click to call button that will show as a button for mobile and as a phone number for desktop?

Unfortunately, no.

Hello there, I would like to change the placeholders on the contact form: http://i.imgur.com/IjEKRvk.jpg Where can I do this from? Thanks

Hi. Just find these phrases in php file and replace them. ;-)

all of them?

Can use this plugin automatically at all external links with domain filter ability ?!

Kindly provide a demo

I don’t understand what you mean. Please read description.

I just purchased and installed the plugin. I’m trying to install the custom themes add-on however I do not have the option of “Custom Theme” under “Menu Bar Theme.” Do I need to do something for this to show there?

Scratch that….didn’t realize the custom theme downloaded needed to be installed

Scratch that….didn’t realize the custom theme downloaded needed to be installed

are you going to add a register when logged out? seems like that would be a huge function anybody would want. the ultimate goal is for users to register, as they have to do that to login.


Hi. Thanks for idea. At that moment I don’t have such plans. But I’ll think about this feature.

Hello, first off – great plugin! Curious if there is a way to configure the code of the plugin to align all widgets to my template grid, rather than having them float all the way right (depending on responsiveness).

I’ve noticed you say that the plugin doesn’t allow for certain changes, but is there a code change I can make to just move them over to align with the rest of the template grid?


Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, I’m not available for customization work.

Hey! I’m going to ask you something before I buy the plugin.

Can I hide this bar on the mobile version of my website?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Okey. One more question.

Can I change the location of Pages and Social Icons?

Nope. Menu is always on left side, modules – right side.

On the iPhone when I push button to view the widget, the page down and does not open. See demo from http://EscritoresFamosos.com/. lower half of the page to display the menu

Unfortunately, I don’t see badge “purchased” near your username.

Can I use 2 of these at same time? One bar goes on top and another goes on bottom.. if so, please tell me how to do so?

Unfortunately, there is no such option.


Is it possible to make the multi x disappear when i scroll page…or not be sticky?


Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Is it possible to integrate this Plugin into the bar? https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-steam-auth/

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.