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Hey Author, I have purchased your plugin and by installing it on The7 Latest Version, when ever we post a new file it gives a white page tho! At the same time by searching your comment(s) I have found on page 14 that you dropped the support for this plugin back in Aug 2015? I don’t get it, am I missing something here? Please respond back! Thanks Kiranov

Hello! Pre-sale question. I need to know if this plugin works like this: the admin of the website uploads a file or image and only ONE user/client can see and download that image. Basically I need access to specific files for single user, not to, let’s say, all users in “editor” role. I don’t want a user to be able to upload or manage his files, he’ll just be able to download images uploaded for him from admin, nothing more. Sorry but I don’t understand exactly how it works from your demo… I just need this simple feature. Is it possible with this plugin? :) Thanks

This plugin still supported ? I don’t see any responsive !!

PRE-SALE QUESTION: Hello, is it possible to customize general layout of system and change main (parent) folder’s icons with another one? Like font awesome icons etc. Thank You.

Hello, I would like to know if there is a function that I can add to Multiverso so that a subscriber receives an email as soon as a file has been added?

Thanks in advance. Yours.

PRE SALE REQUEST – Hi there, I need to know if your plugin can generate users for a time limit, for example If I subscribe to a wesbite on 15th January 2017, is possible to generate automatic time limit for one year? Thank you so much!

Hello, Please let me know if you will support and update your plugin. i am interesting buying. I have pre-sale question. I want make some photos only for one user group can see, use, download but can’t delete.

Hello, is it possible to reappoint files ? Thank you so much in advance, Best Regards

Hi, Does anyone know if/how I can change the login widget link? We have an alternate login url via ‘wp security’ plugin. this makes going to /wp-admin useless.

But this also effects this plugins login widget, which tries to point users to wp-admin after I fill in my credentials. And in doing so will end up on the 404 page.

Any help would be appreciated!



I would like to ask if the plugin is fully compatible with WPML plugin.

Thank you


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Hi , how do I show the file tile in the category page? It only displays filename.pdf + download button. I want to to show name of the download that I type in post title. Thanks

HI – Is this plugin stiil supported? No updates since 2015??

Hi! I keep getting this error when trying to upload DOCX and PPTX files: There was an error uploading your file. The error is: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

How can I get this to work?