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when we chose the file source from the URL the name given to the file is the link name… it’s not so great to drive who gives random names in the link… is there any solution to this issue

How do I remove the “Details” button, and leave the download button?

Forget that request. Silly question :)

how to create a login page or a login on menu??

is it compatible with wp 4.8?

Just a presale question: I need to create a reserved area with different files for each different user subscribed to my site. Can I control that with your plugin?

Pre sale question: any ETa for a multisite compatibility?

Hi! Isit able to translate the field names for e.g. german users?


gnacca Purchased

Hi, I created a Personal Area with shortcode [mv_personalfiles] inside. It shows 2 folders from categories I created: Registered documents and Personal Documents. The first folder has only files with “registered” permission created by Admin but none of the registered user I have can see the content of the folder. Registerd users can see the content only in another page with [mv_allfiles] shortcode. Why the registered files aren’t accessible from the first shortcode? My best.

Hello Does it supports FTP file uploading? Thanks Regards, Vincenzo

Looking to buy, yet need to know… Will it work for an Accountant… Clients uploads files to Accountant (See All), and the Accountant uploads files for Clients (Only see files for them)..

Basically, Clients have basic upload and uploads are seen by them and the Accountant.

The Accountant, can view all view, and when uploading sets the user the file is visible for.

Can this Plugin do this?


bteo Purchased

Hello, I wanted to be able to expand the folder and sub-folders instead of clicking on the expand icon. Right now if you click the folder or sub-folders it goes to a new page. I want to just be able to expand or contract the folder when you click on the category. Please help thanks!

good morning. I have to copy the contents (pdf files divided into categories) of a download area in the same way (setessi files, same categories) on another site always created with wordpress and always done with the multiverse plugin. how do you do it or do it automatically without reinserting all the files one by one?

Hi, is it possible in some way to hide empty folder?

can you answer immediately please? we pay for this support

.zip file wont upload to wordpress?

Hello. I would like to know if it’s possible to hide empty folders. Thank you.