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hi, i don’t get how to switch to techvill ? users signup in one website can signin in other website ?

Techvill company was not created. Now you can login to Techvill Company as it has been created. Company users have to login in same website but each company has a separate database.

cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you.

Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you.


How do I go about adding custom fields to the item fields? I am familiar with Laravel, but i am having issue with Validator.php on new files.

Thanks in advance.

You are trying to modify on the script. In that case I need to know exact error or screenshot or more explanation. Please send me an email to

do you do automated create account and DB when new user registered?

It creates a new DB and a company user automatically when you create a New company. Company user can create multiple users assigning roles.

do you have any form for user to create an account & system automatically create a DB for them?

Yes, there is. Please login to the system. Click Company from menu and then Create Company. You will see the form.

hi what mean, multi language ? user can change language or only translate label ?

User can change between 7 languages. Multi language means nothing but changing all the static contents and labels to different languages.

Can i remove company name/ company selection during login?

It is not possible from admin panel. You can do it if you have programming knowledge.

laravel version?

It is Laravel 5.2


That means the field “default” in the area of the company?

Being the script administrator could create other companies and have access to data to manage them.

If the admin creates other companies have access to articles, categories and all the information you believe these companies.

It can prevent companies, to create other companies.

You’re in the ability to add some customized features.

Script administrator can create one or more companies. Respective company admin can access all features of those companies. Newly created company cant create another company.

Yes. We can customize the features.

Exactly what I’m looking for – We have a list of 14,000+ parts for our plant. Is there a way to import these via CSV or excel file?

We can do customization. Can you please email to

I sent an email there yesterday. Thanks

Thank you.

Do you have an email where I can send you personalization information?

Please send email to

Hi, by any chance are you going to update your models to Eloquent models?

I want to integrate an E-commerce package with the current system as the frontEnd & use your Inventory system as the backend, it looks like i need to make the models Eloquent in order to succeed. Does my Extended support cover such a request?


We dont have plan to make models to Eloquent models in 1 months. But you can use Eloquent models for future integration keeping existing (Inventory) non-eloquent. You need to maintain relational database in that case. So, It is achievable to extend this system with E-commerce.

I am sorry to say that Extended support does not cover such request. But we keep this feature in our mind and we will let you know when we make it to Eloquent models.

Thank you.

Hi, is it possible to add custom fields ?

And to add restrictions for companie’s admin to create users ? If we would that they pay by user for example

Custom fields are not possible to create from admin panel. It requires customization.

And yes, it is possible to create restriction for company’s admin.

1.Can i manage, export and print the invoices by date? 2.Can i get alert when a product on stock is less than for example 5? 3.Can the customers profile have all the invoices history?

None of the options are available in this version. We can customize those features if you like to.

Please send email to for customization quote.

Hi, I found this script really amazing, the only problem I have is that I’m fluent with CodeIgniter, havent worked with laravel, I can sure get used to it in a matter of days, but I need a couple of customizations if you guys can do that, I’m emailing it you on your support email as provided to the above customer. I need the Prices to be added to the products, and a payment gateway system via which a user can buy products, no I dont need a seperate frontend, I just need a broker like system, your script is good with most of my requirements, but it doesn’t display thay order/checkout details to anyone. I would want those too to be given to the admin as well as the store manager

Thanks for your comments. I have send you an email.

why is there no field for product-id or sku?

looking at the demo, create item form, first field is item name.

not seeing item id, you’re other file(stockpile) has but not this one

Yes. That is not displayed into item list. We will add this in next version for sure. Thank you for good identification.

Good morning, I need to ask for some information. 1 – I can not change the password of the account appears (This feature is not availableavble in demo version) 2 – I would like to put on the stock filter or a search, how can I do? 3 – you can better manage resposive warehouse, from problems with small cell thank you so much

I sent emails, I asked for support, nothing. 1 – Does not appear in the search item 2 – You can not change the password of users by mistake

There someone or fake site?

Can you please send your login and FTP details in

Thank you.

We did request on >>> Wednesday, 22/02/2017 10:26 your mail

We sent you an email to get some clarification for customization features.

Thank you.

No answer are just past 10 days !!! first email: Your message

Subject:  problem Multi-Vendor Easy Stock Manager
Sent:  2/22/2017 3:26 PM

was read on 2/22/2017 3:28 PM.

second email Your message

Subject:  problem Multi-Vendor Easy Stock Manager
Sent:  2/25/2017 4:33 PM

was read on 2/25/2017 4:36 PM.

Please update us. We want to solve this issues so that you don’t have any complain.

Thank you.

The fault is ours, the added language. Where we can find a guide to add the language correctly? We need a similar customized panel. You can request a mail address where you answer, thanks

Please email to

Thank you.