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Hi, with your auto-next feature, can we set a timer delay? I’d like for it to not “jump” immediately, I’d like for it to fade nicely into the next step.

No sorry that’s not possible

Do you believe it would be if we modified the JavaScript controlling the feature? I don’t mind digging into code, I’d just like to know where to look.

Yes that would be possible. Therefore you have to edit the multistep-product-configurator.js in the js folder and load this one instead the minified version.

The MSPC is not keeping the stage Size I set when switching views. It loads the proper size on the first view but when you switch to 2nd view it crops everything and reverts back to defaul FPD stage size no matter what I set it to.

EDIT. I created a special UI for it fixed it. Thanks for the great product!

Is it possible to bulk enable MSPC in the Product Data Metabox for all products in the woocommerce shop?

No sorry.


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Pre sale question: Is there a way I could have this product or the “Fancy Product Designer” in Spanish???

Yes you can translate all labels for the frontend in the admin.


does this product configurator work alongside other product customisers such at tshirtcommerce (this plugin is on codecanyon)

basically i would like user to select product, colour, size using this plugin then edit it via tshirtcommerce plugin


Yes you can use it with this plugin, but I do not think you can achieve this sequence: product, color, size and last customize.

ok and why is that? the only reason i am not using your customizer tool is becuase on the back end id does not show me the size of the image the user has inputted in mm/cm


Pre Sale Question: Can you change the option to pick multiple choices instead of one ?

No sorry.

Pre-sale question here -

Does this plugin support changing the product image and gallery images for EACH OPTION COMBINATION?

My client lets users design their own dresses and needs a solution that shows the user the dress based on their option selections.

The product image is changing when a variation is set like with a normal variable product in woocommerce.


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We dont see any update logs, has this plugin been updated and is it compatible with the new woocommerce?


I have 5 questions 1) Does MSPC and FPD together could add more term into an attribute for example first set of term will be Material Color (Apples, Dark, Turqoise) and second set of terms will be Material Type (bronze, silver, gold) so there will be 9 possible pictures for this attribute. 2) For text attributes is it possible to define the change of color be linked the attribute colors? For example if change The color of material to black font color can change as well with the same color? 3) Is it possible to give user an input field to write and change the font in the design area instead of double click to text 4) Do you have a paid customization services for these products? 5) Is there a way can I get an admin demo usage for a limited time? To be able to see if I could do what in my mind and to see needed what extra customizations that I needed. Thanks

1. Yes.

2.3. No sorry

4. Currently we are not available for any custom job. But we have a partnership with an external company that knows Fancy Product Designer very well and you can hire the experts from just $29 per hour. I am sure they can help you with your concern.


5. No sorry, there is no admin demo for MSPC.

Hi ! Is it possible to run the plugin in a Shortcode [product_page id = “XX”] ?

No sorry

there is no solution?

Currently its not supported, you can open a feature request in the forum if you want to see this.

Pre-sales question We have products that have 14 patterns, then based on the pattern chosen there are 9-45 colors available, but each color is unique to the pattern. So Step one would be they choose a pattern. Step two would be they choose from the specific colors available for that pattern. Is this possible using your plugin? Basically, the second option is a dynamic list that is tied to variable one. Example: First step is: Pattern 1, pattern 2, pattern 3. On choosing pattern one they can choose from Pattern1Color1, Pattern1Color2, Pattern1, Color3 If they choose Pattern two they get to choose from Pattern2Color1, Pattern2Color2, Pattern2Color3.

Yes this is possible.

Hi, i have some question about MPC function with FPD plugin. 1) as in demo of MPC on your FPD sites (shoes) i have seen how MPC work with FPD, now i want to know if that possible for user to upload they own design, says in case for shoes demo users can upload a graphic pic for the laces instead of select several option, then after design the laces they going to next step and upload design for the shoes body, so its like fpd funtion but user can upload to multiple area with easier navigation with MPC 2) if (1) is possible, can we combine the function so user can both select our default design or upload their own?

Sorry you can not upload anything via mspc, only via fpd