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Great Idea mate!

I have a question…If the multisite is using multiple themes, does the widget you are pulling from site A to display on site B also display the stylization of the theme it is showing the widget from? in this case would site A theme styles be display on site B?

Thanks much,

best of luck, glows Shane@Valiant

Shane, great question! The widget does copy CSS classes for styling, but not the style definitions themselves; this is by design – the idea is that when widgets are copied to the destination site, they should integrate as much as possible into the destination theme. If the source theme’s styling is needed, if you are familiar with Custom CSS in the themes, you can copy the desired CSS classes from the source theme to the destination theme. Hope this helps, thanks for commenting!

I just want to make sure I have this correct.

Assume I have my site A, and on that site A I have a widget area called “right-side” and in that widget area I have several widgets.

I can then install and activate your plugin on site B and then specify site A as the source, and widget area “right-side” as the one to display and it will display the widgets identically to the way they appear on site A?

Ok, that makes sense. Now what happens if the widget on site A displays the top 10 posts on site A with links to the posts.

When it appears on site B will it still link to the correct links on site A? Are you using the switch to blog function?

Another good question. The widget has an option that let’s you decide if you want to use the source blog’s data or the destination blog’s data. We anticipated there are viable use cases for both scenarios. Essentially, we use the switch to blog function if the option is selected.

We will be updating our item detail page that will address these questions and provide some screenshots that should help make it a little more clear. Thank you very asking some very good questions.

Thanks for the answers, it does seem like something I might have use for.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Will this work between 2 different websites seamlessly such as Woo-commerce and Classipress?

As long as the sites are sub-sites in a WordPress Multisite system and the widgets being copied are available on both sites, it will work. Keep in mind the copied widgets will use the target site’s styling.

I have a multisite with 41 subsites all using one main navigation menu across all sites globally (school district site). Now I want to incorporate a mega menu in that navigation, but since the menu uses widgets, the subsites are only showing the items as a drop down, not the mega menu with images, columns, etc.

Would your widget allow the mega menu to show globally across all subsites without manually having to create new widgets on each site and then setting each widget up to match the main site?

Hi, we would like to be able to discuss this further with you. Would you email us at Thanks!

I sent an email at your request on the 22nd, but have not heard back. Just need to know if this will work with our site. thanks!

I apologize; I had written a response to your email and thought that I had replied. Either there was an error in our email system, or I simply made the error and failed to click send! I have just responded to your email.

Hi, is possible to show woocommerce products?

Yes, it is possible to show WooCommerce products. If you are trying to show specific products or categories from the source site, when you configure the widget, ensure that you select ‘Use Source Blog’s Data (posts, comments)’.


So lets say that

1. I have a source site, ”/alpha” and I create a bunch of html links in a “mimic” area.

2. I then add /beta /echo and /gamma to my network of sites. (same theme same css across all sites in the network)

3. I add a mimic widget area to each of those three new sites…tell it to use the corresponding widget data from /alpha” ... and the result is that all the new sites now display /alphas corresponding widget 411?


4. When I update that same /alpha widget…the rest of the sites w the corresponding widget areas will show those same changes? Would I have to press a button to make the new sites grab the updated data? Or is the data pulled from /alpha on the fly via something like switch_to_blog (or a function that you custom created)?

5. I’ve read that switch_to_blog might have an issue w multistes of ? 1000. I can tell you know that I will have WELL past 1000 sites in my network. Will your pluging have issue w more than 1000 sites?

Thanks for you time



The widget will work as you have explained in 1-4. You will not have to press any button or otherwise propagate the changes; we grab the info ‘on-the-fly’ as you describes using switch_to_blog. If you are using any sort of caching, it is possible that you may have to clear/refresh the caches.

Our implementation will work fine up to 10,000 sites. A network larger than that is considered a ‘large network’, and our current implementation does not support 10,000+ site networks.



Purchased :)


i use your plugin is amazing. but when i copy a woocommerce widget (best review) the widget don’t take the CSS of finaly page. is don’t look like the local website

how fix this?



There is an option in the widget to use source blog’s data. This should use the CSS from the source blog and so it will appear the same. If it doesn’t work or, since I see you are displaying products and you may not want to pull products from the source blog, you will have to copy the relevant CSS from the source blog into the site that is mimicking the widget.

Thank you for using our products! I hope this works for you and we would love to help with problems you have.

Hi there,

This seems to be a wonderful idea for a plugin! Is it WP 4.1 compatible? If I am copying the widget to a different theme will it be styled the same? Also will it work with Visual Composer?

You’ll need to manually copy the CSS files to the other site. It will include the classes from the other site, but not the actual styles. This allows you to style it according to each multisites theme

Hi, the widget is not working. How can I get some help? thanks

What is the problem that you are experiencing? Do you have multisite installed?

Please check your email. I have a question / request. Thank you…


Sorry for the delay, we’ll respond through the support system.

Bought this plugin. The idea is good, but we are not able to make it work. Have added the plugin in main domain site (we have wordpress multi-site installed). We have woocommerce products on this site only. Other subdomain sites have woocommerce installed, but no products. We made the main site the source and mimic the sidebar which gives “Cart” information using the Woocommerce Widget. We are not able to see the “Cart” items of main site reflected in sub-domain sites. We are able to see static text widgets. Please do guide us, how to show “Cart”of main site into the sidebar of microsites.

5days, no revert. Have purchased and now not able to use.

15days and no revert. Seems you are not interested in providing support to customers.

Sorry this slipped through the cracks. Unfortunately, WooCommerce doesn’t support this functionality because of how their shopping cart works. It will work for any content that isn’t cookie based.

I have this code on the source blog widget:

<?php wp_loginout(); ?>

On the other blog, where I am copying this via Multisite Widget Mimic, it shows the URL of the source blog not its own URL.

Why so?


Are you using the option “Use Source Blog’s Data”?

This would cause the widget area being mimicked to be executed “as on the source blog”, that is all code is run as though it were on the source blog, therefore making things like wp_loginout() return the source blogs url.

If you switch to use the “Use This Blog’s Data” option in the widget mimic then we would expect this function to have the behavior you’re looking for; wp_loginout() showing the link for the current site not the source blog.

If this doesn’t work as expected we would love to look into this. Or if you have any other questions just ask here or email us at

Thank you for using our products, and I hope it works well for you. We’d like to help you with any problems you have with it and thank you again!

There are other widgets that mimic a “source” blog. So can’t use the setting “this blog”. Looks like it won’t mimic wp_loginout() properly i.e. each blog being able to login/logout from its own URL.

So sorry for the huge delay on responding to your question. Since you want to mimic the source blog for some of the widgets, you’ll need to use multiple mimic widgets: Set up the first to mimic all the widgets before the wp_loginout() using the source blog information. Set up the second to mimic the wp_loginout() using “this” blog’s information. Then set up a third to mimic any widgets coming after the wp_loginout(). This will allow your other widgets to be displayed using the source blog but still allow wp_loginout() to go to the current blog’s URL

Hello, Can it work on subdomain multisite?


how to remove the ‘li’ import of widgets. when I import a widget appears on a wordpress page. I have an ugly black spot on the page. ex code: li id = “eclarianmultisite-3” class = “widget widget_text widget_eclarianmultisite” h2 class = “widgettitle” Africa / h2 div class = “textwidget”div class = “tabbable tabs- default style2 “id =” multitabs_130218860 “

I use another plugin to display widgets on the page. shortcode: [do_widget_area widget_area = header-widget-area]

but only the widgets of your plugin gives me a black dot.


The ‘li’ is a result of how WordPress/Certain Themes/Plugins/CSS displays the widgets mixing with how our plugin pulls widgets from across sites in ways they didn’t expect. It’s something we have very little control over in our plugin.

It is very easy to fix, thankfully. Add a few lines of CSS like the following: li.widget_eclarianmultisite { list-style: none; }

If that doesn’t work or you need more help or have other questions, please contact us immediately. We’d love to help!

great :) work perfectly. many thanks

I just purchased this plug-in. I downloaded the zip file and went to install the plug-in. It would not install with upload of the zip file Received error…The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. i am using most recent 4.3.1 wordpress multisite version/installation. frustrating

I would really appreciate a refund

Good morning. The plugin is in a sub-folder of the zip file. You will need to place the multisite_widget_mimic sub-folder in your /wp-content/plugins directory, or zip that folder to upload via the WordPress plugins installer.

Hi that works in WP 4.4.2

Hi, how can you use a custom widget title as it seems it directly copies it from the source and i cant find an option to change it on the site where i use the widget

Hi bambino,

Are you asking if the widget mimic can copy the content of a widget but display a different title on the new site or have you installed something that gives widgets custom titles and are asking if the widget mimic will integrate with that?

I can tell you that the widget mimic either copies all of the content from the source widget or completely ignores it. It hasn’t been written to handle any in-between states.

I have some pre-sales questions.

1) Is this compatible with the most recent version of WordPress? 2) I would like to make it so that my user sites cannot change or update this widget. Will anyone who signs up have access to this plugin or can I just limit it to Super Admins? Or can I code it into the sidebar.php of my theme.


It is running on one of the sites we manage on the most recent version of WordPress

Whoever can edit widgets on a site will be able to update/change the widget mimic settings (but not the settings of the main widgets to be mimicked). If you want to restrict all access you will need to disallow them from editing widgets or code it into your theme using the appropriate WordPress functions.

Is this plugin still supported and working under the latest version of WP multisite?

We do not offer any formal support on this item, but I can tell you that we have it installed on the latest version of a multisite and it is still working:

Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately since the plugin isn’t supported anymore we’ll have to look for a different solution. Would be wise to take down the plugin since it isn’t supported.