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Thanks vergatheme!

Great work! Congrats! :)

Does this script have an auto-play so visitors do not have to click on the numbers or Next link to move through the examples? Thanks!

Yes it has! the demo has it enabled and will continue to the next slide after 5 seconds

Cool, purchasing it now :-)

Thanks, let me know if you need any help!

I used the example code provided in the documentation, but nothing is showing up.

Could you send me the link where i can view it through my profile?

Hi, i really love this one! Is there a HTML file included as well? Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Hi, Thanks! There is no .html file included but there is a example of a html file in the documentation, you could also use the code generated in the demo on this page: http://michelvandersteege.nl/envato/multiscreen-slideshow/


Hi, I am about to purchase a copy, is there any way to place different images in the devices on one slide, and link these to other pages? This would make a great slideshow for accessing videos, images and articles.

Hi again, I see the code now, it looks like I can place different images in the devices, can I link the images to external as well internal pages as well? It’s just a code line added to each image, correct? :D

Hello i am on vacation at the moment, i will be back next week so i can help you with your question then!

Like you figured out you can add diferent image per device! At the moment there is no option in the file to add links to the slides, i can add this for you as custom work if you like just email me through my profile!

I used the example code provided in the documentation, but nothing is showing up.

Hi, can i view it somewhere?

Nope it is still on the local machine, i will upload it and as soon as i do that i will want you to check it immediately

If you want you can also email me the files, then i will look at those!


Our one of slide is Google calendar page. Can we insert Google calendar in the slideshow? Can we set the preview slide image on bottom of the page?



At the moment you can only use static images as slides, maybe in the future i will add an option for HTML content.
You can add the slide navigation anywhere you want!

Hello, 1) Is this WordPress and Visual Composer friendly? 2) Do the devices have a fixed image size, or can this be controlled? Very, very cool. Thanks!


1) This is a javascript plugin nog wordpress plugin so to add the slideshow to wordpress requires some coding knowledge. 2) The slideshow is responsive (it scales) + if you want you can change all images

Is there an easy way to add the Multiscreen Slideshow to a page on my WordPress website? Thank you.

There is no wordpress plugin at this moment so the only way would be by adding the code manually


Is it possible to have just one display screen and from an angle, not head-on?

Great job! GLWC