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This looks amazing, but I don’t like that the user clicks play twice on videos to make them play, can you just embed the YouTube video at the top instead of the thumb and a fake play button which then opens a YouTube embed?

If you want pay on single click. it is also possible. I will do it for you if you are interested to buy. There is noting fake in app.


can we download youtube videos too

No…You can play only.

Nice App

I see what extenSivv is saying. When you click on a recipe, it takes you to the recipe page and video link, then when you click the video link, you would expect it to start playing, but you have to click it again – too many clicks.

We will give you update soon. Thank you.

Excellent GLWS ;)

Thank you.

Is there a way where it can secretly cache the videos for offline use ?

No…it’s don’t have offline use

Hi – just purchased the app. I’m struggling to get it to work (setting up the PHP). Any way to load the videos directly within the app in stead of having to do it through the php admin? Also, can you help me, like the others, so you don’t have to push the video three times to play it?

Other way is to go for offline database and add data in database but for this, you need to go for custmization.

For Multiple click we will provide update soon. For more detail discussion, please contact us on Skype. Thanks


When you updating the app?

Is there any issue with it ?


Can use with http live streaming on Vimeo?

No. it’s only support youtube video

Any Appstore link?

Demo app not available on store. you can see the video.