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demo does not work

Hi demo not working, and really interested in you script

Hi, demo will be up in few hours. We are just upgrading script so that’s why demo is down. Thanks!

Hi Demo still down, but really I stressed in your product

Hi, Demo is working fine if you click on Click Here on Live Preview or Alternatively use this url:

Hi, I have this error with installation the script.

Can you help me with it ?

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Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home4/dalalapp/public_html/ in /home4/dalalapp/public_html/ on line 9

demo links aren’t working again


I’ve followed the installation steps, but when going to the url, It is not pulling up the install steps like mentioned. It is just giving me a error, saying it cant find the database.

I did these steps.

using xampp. unzipped contents to localhost/qa I gotto localhost/qa and it doesnt take me to the installation screens the install guide.

Please help, I can do most of this on my own, I can create my own database and all, if needed, and edit coding.

Here is a better explanation of my problem. See the following image?

My question is on the installation step where it says to upload system files to the database. Where are these system files? What are they called?

is this still supported?

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are currently not working on this plugin.

hi after install, i can’t signin as admin. an idea ?

demo does not work

Hello, Can’t access the Demo.