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I am interested in purchasing bot Android and ios, I already downloaded apk and installed in nexus 5 but when I click any image or button loading screen has bug and shows the 3 dots all over the screen with a grainy background, is this an issue that has already been fixed?



This is known bugs and will fix it soon.


I tried to enter the control panel and install the application noticed that the script does not support multiple languages such as Arabic

There needs to some changes so it can take Arabic.

Hi, does it support RTL ,and what about login.signup with social ?

No..its not support RTL..what you want to know about social login?

I want to allow users to login to the app or signup via facebook

yes..its there..please i suggest you to check demo..before buy.and suggest you don’t buy till you check demo.

Hi, this is Pre-buy question, can i remove the login at the begining ? and please can i work without sub categories ?

another qst please, the backend panel should i install it in the root domaine domaine.com or i can install it domaine.com/myapp ?

Wonderful But I waited for the amendment to the script so that I can write in Arabic … it is now does not support Arabic language


We need an advenced reskin. Please contact us at skype: direct.cd


You can contact us on skype.Our skype id is icanstudioz.


how install web please

delete config.php file and try again..

it’s fine now thanks sir

my pleasure

I do have a question though: we were able to deploy the php and android app but when we created the categories, subcategories and news post, we keep getting the “unfortunately news app pro has stopped”


Currently I’m still having “app crashes” when you click on Categories or Likes menu of the Navigation drawer “when” you are viewing the individual news items. Any reasons why it keeps crashing? Thanks!

Hi! How are you? Hope you’re doing great!

Btw, I was going through making the “notifications” work in Android: I’ve added the Project Number (gcm_defaultSenderId) on the app & the API key to the web admin dashboard.

But it seems that I still can’t get some notifications when I add a news item to the category that I follow. Do you happen to know what may be the cause of this problem? Thanks

can you please use only one resources for communication ?

Thanks. I tried testing with my friends phone and the notifications are not working as well. How can you make the notifications to work here as “advertised” on the features on the “Item Details” above?

Will you be coming up with the Firebase Version of this? Thank you!

Hi, I’m willing to purchase a Firebase Version of this and the IOS app but you never reply me. It’s been 4 weeks already (seems a bit bad for customer support guys) but please do send me details. Thanks!


We already told you many time that firebase version of this script is possible but date can not be expected .


Hi, I would like to engage your services to do the customization to make the firebase work for this. Please reply to me thanks.

Hi This App Support RTL ?

No it doesn’t. But it can be possible . You can contact us on skype.


Hello We first thank the support for solving our problem relating to another app “FCM” which was promptly attended. Now we are facing some problem with the NewPro we have installed the admin portion and also compiled apk but app is able to register with server but not able to login into the system. We would like to see what is the problem and need some solution. We look forward to hear from you.

In FCM issue with your server we told you 1000 times..and finally you did something with your server..at least try to read doc one time..just put some minor effort.we request to every buyer please read doc.and also read requirements for server.


Last update was 2015 are you guys not interested to work on this app no more?


Our App uses some of deprecated sources so we might be introduce a brand new app with more & awesome features with long time support. keep following us to know more about our product in future.


app download not available giving error


please check now. it is available now.

Can it be linked to a Facebook Group or Page ? :D To get feed and posts from there ? :D It would be amazing.

No..not possible.


This is support firebase notif ?


No. it doesn’t support firebase push yet.


hello, any new update, or new similar app? Thanks

Hi I keep getting this error when trying to open the back end , what could be the issue?

A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: core/Loader.php

Line Number: 347

Hello, It seems you are using incompatible version of PHP. use 5.6.x and try.


I have checked your application but there is no option that author can submit news..and admin can approve the same

have you read those kind of features?