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I was much pretty much looking forward for something like this, but: Test 100 euro to USD conversion results:
Google: 126.23 US Dollar
PayPal: 122.50 US Dollar
Your source: 120.7739 US Dollar


My script supports 4 different sources you can choose from. I only used 1 source in the live demo, which updates once per hour. This might’ve been the problem. Plus the cache system is set to update once per hour by default (this could be changed too). Right now the result is: 100 EUR = 126.22 USD.

I’ll probably add a demonstration of all the 4 sources on the demo page though. Thank you for your comment!

Done. Now you can compare the 4 exchange rate sources in real-time with the cache system being off.

Kaspersky has blocked my access to the demo

I fixed what was the possible problem. Please, try again.

Hi Alex

I am looking for a solution to a seemingly big problem regarding currencies. I am setting up a Woocommerce store, but the problem is that the products that I will supply must be priced in South African Rand, I will also have affiliate products from local suppliers, also in ZAR, and products from Amazon, which must be priced in US$.

Will I be able to set input currency with this plugin?

Regards Leon

Hello, Leon.

There is a widget, which converts single number (e.g. price) from a set currency into any other currency. For example, you can pass it the prices in USD and it will convert it into ZAR as page loads and display the result, or visa-versa. On my live preview page it is the last example under “Single Number” Widget.

If that is not what you meant or your task is more complicated than that, please let me know.

Regards, Alexander

Hi Alexander I know about currency converters, but unfortunately that is not going to work in this case as I need two set currencies that have no influence on the other. I realised that the only solution for this is to run two separate shops on the page… Thanks for your help and feedback.

Regards Leon

Hi Alexander,

Nice converter! Just a quick question, my site runs on https and I need a converter which also runs on https, otherwise I get mixed content or the script doesn’t load. Is your converter okay for secure (https) sites? I see that you’re getting one feed from Open Exchange Rates (, would that be okay for my site? I’m mainly interested in implementing the “ONE-TO-ONE” WIDGET (CUSTOM SETTINGS) from the examples given.

I just want to make sure it’s okay before purchasing it ;-)

Thanks and regards,


Thanks for the reply Alexander, I see. No worries, I will try something else first, if that’s no good, I’ll try yours as I like the functionality it offers. Thanks and regards, Dmitri

Hi Alexander, I sent you a PM yesterday, just checking that you have received it, as the last time I contacted someone via Envato’s interface, it didn’t work for some reason… Thanks, Dmitri

Hi Dmitri! Sorry, I didn’t see the message in my mail as I get way too much different notifications which I never read. I will reply to you in a moment.

Regards, Alexander

Hello. How i can include it in wordpress page? In static html – works, but in wp page does’t – get JS error.

Hello. Could you write me an email with the errors?

Hello Alex, great work btw.. Im currently trapped in setting up the converter. Do you have a more detail step by step manual on how to set this up from the ground up? Meaning for a web designer like me who knows less about js php etc.

Hello, pixelscientist!

I thought the description on the website was simple enough, I’m not sure what problem could you possibly have. If you describe your problem in detail, I’ll be able to help you. Please, message me on skype (whtrommler), or send me an email through my profile. You can also write here.

Thank you for purchasing! Best regards, Alexander

One of the best $9 that i bought for quite sometime now! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Fast and Reliable support. Thank you very much and More power!

Thank you! Was glad to help

Hello, can i place this converter in html page? I would like to implement converter in my apartments renatl web site. Thnx

Hello. Yes, sure. The only features that require PHP are cache system and hiding your Open Exchange Rate API key. You can still place the API key within your JavaScript code, and the plugin will work without the cache system as well. Thanks for your interest.

Hello Alex, great plugin, I will be using it at – early version of site…

Kind regards,


Hey Andy. Thank you for purchasing. Please, review the plugin if you’ve found it helpful.

Kind Regards, Alexander

Hi I was wondering if you could help, having trouble running it. Could you tell me what the YourID is? I signed up and have the api key

<script> $(document).ready(function() { $(”#YOUR_ID”).voerrocc(); }); </script>


Thanks, for the help works a treat. Can you tell me I have added an SSL cert to my site and the convertor has stopped converting, is there a setting i can change / add. thanks

As far as I know, the free API from Open Exchange Rates doesn’t work with SSL. Please try it with other exchange sources

Hi Alex I purchased the paid API from open exchange, all I have done is change the API and I cant get it working over SSL, any ideas? what I can do

i will post a support request

Hi Alex I purchased the paid API from open exchange, all I have done is change the API and I cant get it working over SSL, any ideas? what I can do

Hi. Sorry, I’ve been away. I’m not really sure. Try other exchange sources and if they work fine over SSL, maybe you should message Open Exchange Rate’s support.

Hi. Purchased your curency converter script.

What am I supposed to put for #YOUR_ID? <script> $(document).ready(function() { $(”#YOUR_ID”).voerrocc(); }); </script>

I would like to use ECB rates for conversion. How do you setup this? Hard to figure this out from doc file.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Hey. Thank you for the purchase.

I’ve already answered about the #YOUR_ID here in the comments.

As for the rates source you need to pass it as a parameter when calling the voerrocc() function. Like this:

<script> $(”#YOUR_ID”).voerrocc({ source: “ECB”, }); </script>

Great work here.

Please is it possible for me to have an admin where I can manually set the rates?

I need it urgently.


Hello, at the moment the ECB source don’t work, there are an error on loading of…thkeys&callback=jQuery1111014221515938200868_1479226118338&_=1479226118339 , can you help me please?

Really beautiful ;)