Multipurpose iOS by Bison Code

Multipurpose iOS by Bison Code

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NOTE: This Application’s Backend Requires NodeJS Server and MonoDB

You may check server setup video before making any purchase

iOS App Demo :

Video App:



Photos App :



Quotes App :



Quotes App:



NOTE: we have updated our QUOTES app with add-on add quotes which is separate from this project and will be launched soon with $20 as add-on of Multipurpose Project. Add-Quotes feature is not part of this project.

News App:

Store: Not Submitted to Store Yet!!


Admin App:


Admin Demo :

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Multipurpose iOS by Bison Code - 2

iOS Project Features

Architecture: MVC

Dependency Manager: CocoaPods

Language: Two Different projects one is purely developed using Objective-C another one is purely Developed using Swift 3.0, Both have same features and algorithms to accomplish the requirement.

Same Code For Different kind of Applications: You can deploy the different type of applications with one project without making any changes to the code, Code specialized to handle different type of applications automatically. You can create Videos(Movie Trailers, Songs) applications which will play you tube videos. You can create the Photos, Quotes and News Application.

One Project for N number of applications: you will use only one single Xcode project and add targets as many as apps you need inside that project, i.e. there is no need to create separate project for each Application, Everything like App Icon, Splash Screen, Backend Connectivity etc is handled with one project only

Facebook Audience Network Integration Admob Integration (Remotely controlled from admin panel)

if ad loading failed for any reasons like no fill available then it will automatically load the ad from another network. Like FAN doesn’t have the fill available then the app will automatically load the ad from Admob.

Special Customised Player for youtube. Integration for deep linking and app invitation

iOS Application Features

Load Latest Posts(Videos/Photos/Quotes/News) from Server

Trending Posts i.e. mostly viewed in last 7 days

Subscribe Categories and receive push on new post available in that category

Filter Posts by Categories

Add Posts to Favourite (Synced with server user can see/fetch all favorite posts from any device)

Likes, Comments, Views

Search Posts Special Search which searches from both title and description

Login with SMS

Login with Facebook

Login with Facebook account kit

In-App Messages & Pushes
of different types like website, Application Promotion, general Message, Facebook Page Promotions, Permanent Block User from app (force user to use new app)

In App Purchase Remove ads

Share your feedback

Like us on Facebook

Invite user to app
using Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, SMS

Rate our App

Versionng of App with update option if new update is available

Admin Panel Features

NOTE: We have used Parse-Server framework with ExpressJS

We are controlling all the applications from one Admin Panel by Developing the Special Architecture of Database which overcomes the problem of multiple Admin Panels for Multiple Apps.

Problem & Solution: We have more than 30 applications running on both the store’s iOS & Android. Managing all the Applications Using Different Admin Panels was big problem for us, So we Developed new Solution One Admin Panel or Place to Manage All Applications along with few more rich Features.

1. one place/panel to manage all applications.

2. There is no need to setup the project/database every time for new app, Just Add new app from Admin Panel that’s It 3. Choose App you want to manage from Dashboard, Removes Lot of overhead

Features of Web Application [Admin + SuperAdmin]

1. Beautiful Dashboard

2. Add/Edit/Schedule Post

3. Add/Edit Category

4. Approve/Reject Posts of Editor

5. Track Daily API Hits to Server

6. Check Users

7. Track New Installations
of applications for both iOS + Android with Location

8. Send Push/SMS to the individual user of Application

9. Control/Add In-App Messages & Pushes of different types like website, Application Promotion, general Message, Facebook Page Promotions, Permanent Block User from app (force user to use new app) separately or for both platforms iOS + Android

10. Add/Edit App

11. Add/Edit iOS Push Certificates

12. Add/Edit Android Push Settings

13. Add/Edit Remote Control Configuration
i.e. Admob, Feedback Email, Fb Page

14. Add/Edit Admin/SuperAdmin/Editor ONLY FOR SUPER ADMIN

15. Restore Database ONLY FOR SUPER ADMIN

16. Take Database Backup Manually and download previous backups ONLY FOR SUPER ADMIN

Editor Panel Features

Editor has very limited roles, Editor can add the post but it will not be published to application until approved by admin or super admin

Features :

1. Add Post

2. Edit Post

3. Delete Post
(The post which is not published/approved by admin/superadmin )


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