Discussion on Multi-Purpose Form Generator & docusign (All types of forms) with SaaS

Discussion on Multi-Purpose Form Generator & docusign (All types of forms) with SaaS

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ObcBook Purchased

I want to to creat my forms in REST api Please tell me how?

This script provides the interface to create forms


hamza42 Purchased

Hello, thank you for your job and this project. When i launch the command composer install in php 7.4 version i have this error :

“illuminate/support 10.x-dev requires php ^8.1 -> your php version (7.4.33) does not satisfy that requirement.”

I don’t understand why because i have the right php version…

Can you help me please ?


Please follow this installation steps to install it, no need to run composer.

Thank you

Hi, are calculations possible?


As of now it is not possible.

If you’ve javascript knowledge you can use it to create calculations formula.

In future we’ll check if possible to add it.

Looking forward to seeing you use Multi-Purpose Form Generator

Ok. Thanks.

PreSales Quesions: is php 8.x supported ? if not, when; how looks like a form code (picture will help of code)


As of now we use PHP7.4 because it’s most popular, but will soon move to PHP8.x

Do you mean downloaded form code?

Php 7.4 is eol. Puls you provide sample of a Form Code?

Yes, soon we’ll update it to latest.

There are multiple ways of form integration with other websites – one is through an iframe, the second is by downloading the form code, and the third is by adding the form link to your website.

Regarding Form Code it is simple HTML, CSS, Bootstrap code, and on submitting of form it makes a request to a backend PHP script.

Let us know if any further questions, looking forward to seeing you use Multi-Purpose Form Generator

I bought an extended license, but there is no function to enable the SAAS module. I wrote to support 2 days ago, but I never received an answer. Do you provide support for your script?

Sorry for delay, we’re cehcking the ticket. It got delayed because of weekends. Be assured it will be replied.

Hello, I would like to purchase this script. I see you also offer a paid installation service, can you also build a custom form template for me as a paid custom job?

Hi, if you leave me your email I will send the exact template that I would like to make by you, paying I mean…

sure, our email address is

email sent

Hi Dear please check my ticket for installation I have paid your service fee 25$, 6 days ago and till now My installation is not completed, and my ticket is still not answered I have sent my server details , domain name , purchase code, etc , Please complete it soon. Anil

Hello Anil,

The issue is related to server is no way related to Form-Generator, we’ve installed same script for over 100’s of customers and it works fine.

The server is blocking some request, we’re not sure what it is.

Please use some good standard hosting like namecheap or godaddy or bigrocks. We’re sure it will work. Further let us check the ticket and replt to it.


ObcBook Purchased

thewebfosters Hi yes you are right problem is due to server problem, installation was right ,thanks for it, but check your raised tickets twice daily.

Support tickets are checked daily

Hello , Totally furscated because of the installation … gettting error ” Looks like you haven’t created the .env file /var/www/html/test/public_html/form/.env

License Details Make sure to provide correct information from Envato/codecanyon

Which i already raised and re-open the ticket also .

whether you tested the script or blindly selling crab

Hello, How we can add the logo and header in PDF can you guide us


In Form Settings scroll down at very bottom you can add header for PDF

Hello we raised the support 4 days ago until n repose ticket : 7299, why this is getting delayed as per policy you have reply in 24 which you mentioned . can you do that what you agreed on support

Sure, it will be replied. Sometimes ticket gets delayed because of huge tickets volume. Please cooperate. Thank you

Support is very important and we can’t keep the system idle after buying the script…if don’t have the enough of resources to handle the ticket increase it ….

Yes, we agree Support is very important. That’s why we’ve a 24-48 hours policy.

Also, We do have a complete ongoing document to make it quicker for customers to keep using the system.

The ticket you’re telling is already been replied to more than 24 hours back.

I need to create forms for my clients and I have the clients’ details in a CRM system, such as full name, mobile, title, address,etc…Can I import those details in your system and can I create variables in the forms so that the client’s details can be automatically filled? Do you know what I mean? Sorry for my poor explanation.

Please check your email, we’ve some question asked by support person, please check and reply that.

Any progress with the installation?

It will be installed in next 2 hours

Hi, Trying to install this script and no matter what i do according to the documentation i still get 404 Not Found

Sorry for the trouble, please open ticke in support so that we can check it in your server.


Also provide the server details in support ticket

That’s Okay, i can see you’re very determine to help and that’s enough for me but am also sorry i cannot continue with this item support since i lost interest and going through the demos again am not sure this is for me. but i can see from the comments you have a great item which helps others. Thank you for your time and all the best with sales.

Can you just open a ticket and we’ll install it for you?

The installation & app works perfectly fine, it is having some problem becuse it looks like your server is configured differently.

Looking forward to helping you


laf2288 Purchased

Hi, is it possible to deactivate the analytics portion of the report? My users would only be interested in information the reports section so I’d like to remove any inapplicable information if possible. Thank you :)

Hello, Yes simply change the php code to remove that menu.

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eminate Purchased

can you customize for us to make form to generate invoice after form is submitted?


Do you mean PDF of invoice or just html invoice?

Hi, I have a question before buying this script. 1) if I shared a form with a user and allowed him to view the form and view form submissions, is he able to edit submitted data? I don’t need the user to edit any form submission and modifications can only be done by the admin. 2) if I have 10 users, can I view all their form submissions from the admin account? Thanks


1. No, he won’t be able to edit the data.

2. Only if the users have shared the forms with you then only you can view their form submission data.

Looking forward to seeing you Multi-Purpose Form Generator

Dear Abdel,

Did you check the above reply?

Let us know if any further questions.

To inform you this Black Friday 30% discount will expire soon. So good chance to purchase now at a discounted price or pay full price later

Hello! I did not find the option to generate a link or url to access the form. I need to send a link by whatsapp that takes them to the form to answer it. Does the script have that option?


Sorry for late reply, yes there is option for this, check this screenshot:

Looking forward to seeing you use Multi-Purpose Form Generator.

Let us know if any further questions you’ve.

Dear Aldocas,

Did you check the above reply?

Let us know if any further questions.

To inform you this Black Friday 30% discount will expire soon. So good chance to purchase now at a discounted price or pay full price later

Hello! Just a few presales questions:

1. Do you have a feature in your form builder that will dynamically change an image based on current form selection? So customers can preview what they will be buying. (example will be color selection, then it will change the preview image based on the selected color)

2. If none, Any workaround for this using your form builder?



Sorry for the delayed reply.

1. Yes you can do it using the field condition.

3. Field conditions will only work for forms used from the website directly and not in the downloaded codebase because of the complexities involved in it.

Looking forward to seeing you use Multi-Purpose Form Generator.

Thank you

Let us know if any further questions.

Dear keropay,

Did you check the above reply?

Let us know if any further questions.

We’re looking forward to seeing you use Multi-Purpose Form Generator.

Thank you


ObcBook Purchased

Hi day before yesterday ticket was opened but till now no reply please reply soon after installation and after login with credentials adding new form and proceeding accordingly receiving two messages

(1) On adding new form message receiving in red colour No active subscription found / subscription expired. please renew your subscription. attachment 1 link given below (2) On clicking subscribe message receiving “No Packages Found” attachment 2 link given below

please resolve this issue.



ObcBook Purchased

Hi 5 days ago i have opened the ticket number #6847 till now I haven’t seen any reply for it pls attend it


ObcBook Purchased

Hi you just replied to check the site, but still the same problems , no issue solved, I am going to frustrate because of not working and because of your time taken and not solving the issues.

Fixed, working now.

We fixed it inside form folder but didnt knew website is installed in forms folder

Does it support modal forms and how


You can embed the form inside a modal.

Modal you’ll have to create in your HTML page where you’re embedding the form.

Thank you

Okay, When I download htmpl/php code, it downloads a blank zip


Please open a ticket in support with all the details of your website.

Support link [](

Good day!

Thank you.


ObcBook Purchased

Hi after filling purchase code recieved from codecanyon, and other server related credentials I am recieving “Make sure to provide correct information from Envato/codecanyon. ” message . on 7th point of your installation guide “Invalid purchase code then refer to this guide” link doesn’t work page couldn’t be found message displayed. I opened a ticket for support please reply soon and resolve this problem.

it is working fine, support provided you screenshot also, make sure you’re entering it in correct fields, correct case.

Send us video incase it didnt work. Support is there to help in anycase.


ObcBook Purchased

only you will believe video, Do you read my comments sincerly? will contact you with video.

Please don’t misunderstand, let us connect in support

Hi, 1Can I create multiple pages forms? 2 Can I create forms capable of querying the database? For example: voucher code entry and validation, or customer id verification. 3 Also, I would like to know if once the script is translated, users have a drop down option to change the language. Thank you, Tranca Gheorghe-Doly

I need also to know, if can I use multi-user feature in regular licence. Basically, I want to give free access to my customers, and in future, if the script is ok, I will upgrade to extended licence. Thanks


2. Not as of now

3. In future update for free.

4. Regular license is for one free user.

Thank you

Dear george,

Did you check the above reply?

Let us know if any further questions.

We’re looking forward to seeing you use Multi-Purpose Form Generator.

Thank you


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