Multi-Purpose Form Generator (Contact forms, Feedback forms, event registration, and many more)

Multi-Purpose Form Generator (Contact forms, Feedback forms, event registration, and many more)

The most painful and time consuming task while designing a website is creating a HTML Forms with many different types of input fields.

The form can be Contact form, Registration form, Feedback form or any other form. Forms can have different types of input fields along with different validation types, error messages and further processing of the form when it is submitted.

Creating it manually every-time you need a form is time consuming and need technical knowledge.

So, here it is “Multi-Purpose Form generator”, a PHP script which provides a easy Drag & Drop interface to build simple as well as complex forms in matters of seconds.

3 Easy steps to add form to a page:

  1. Install the script
  2. Create the form
  3. Copy-paste 2 lines of codes to display forms anywhere in website

Quick highlights:

  • Super easy and self-explanatory interface.
  • 10+ different fields type supported
  • 15 different types of validation support with custom messages
  • Email notification system
  • Anti Spam protection – enable reCaptcha to protect websites from Spam.
  • Ajax submit forms (submit forms without loading the page)
  • Full responsive forms to fit screen of all sizes
  • Create unlimited number of forms
  • Display multiple forms in a page
  • Full documentation and instant support. 

Supported fields types:

Wide range of fields are supported as listed below:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Password
  • Number
  • Phone, phone us
  • Url
  • Credit card number
  • Input range
  • Textarea
  • Dropdown
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Terms and conditions
  • Heading and paragraph
  • Calendar / DatePicker
  • Start rating field

Calendar / DatePicker:

  • Fully custom date format
  • Custom start and end date
  • 60+ different languages supported
  • Disable days in calendar

Email Notification:

  • Send email to multiple email address
  • Add Cc, also multiple cc
  • Use forms fields value inside message body

Heading & Paragrph:

  • Select from H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 or paragraph tags.
  • Select any color using colorpicker
  • Custom specify the value

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customize the Terms & Conditions label
  • Add links for terms & cond.
  • Require validation
  • Custom error message

All Feature:

  • Drag & Drop interface
  • Easy sorting or ordering of fields
  • Different types of input validations.
  • Custom error messages on validation.
  • Email notification settings. Customized email body using the input form fields. Cc support in email.
  • Support for google reCaptcha
  • Customize colors of Labels, Error message, Require fields asterisk ( * )
  • Custom message notification on successfully email and email failure.
  • Add Additional JS / CSS if needed for forms.
  • Option to Add / Edit / Delete a form.
  • Form preview option


View online demo 

The Script has been Quality verified by integrating in multiple websites. If you need support or if you have some suggestions for improvement  then write us at


Updates coming soon, Stay Tuned !:

  1. Code refactoring 
  2. Mail auto-responder
  3. SMTP e-mail options
  4. Option to redirect to Thank you page on form submission
  5. More validation types
  6. New fields type – Seperatory, Time field and more
  7. Improved user interface



[ Version 1.2 ]  - March 2017

  • Added Password field.
  • Added Multi Select fields, with option to show multiple selected default fields.
  • Added Start Rating Field, With options to control Minimun, Maximum, default value, Captions for start and many more options.
  • Changed the UI to show Advanced Field in a different tab.

[ Version 1.1 ]  - February 2017

  • New layout of setting section
  • Added submit button Size, Color and Allignment
  • Added form background color (Setting -> Color setting -> Background color)
  • Added field height option.

[ Version 1.0]  - February 2017

  • Initial Release