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How do you customize the navigation or items listed in the navigation..like Portfolio, our team

Hello, on server side you can find these options. All data should be added on server. Kind regards.

how can I modify the our team page to change pic and job title and phone number etc. And each item in the item drawer intems listed in the actionbar with back button. Any plans to add where a person can book an event or meeting

Hello, please read our documentation, there is explained everything that you need to know how to set up this app, and how to customized this app. All data should be added on server, but you can also use “offline” version. In the documentation is explained how to do that. Kind regards.


1. would it be possible to add description for every image in the image gallery? For example I can explain about every image under it maybe.

2. Is it possible to make the drawable menu that opens from left, open from right, so that when the user taps on the icon in the action bar, the side menu open from right?


Hi, 1. If you know how to manage that in YII (on server) and how to manage that in the app, yes it is possible. It needs time to manage that, but it is possible. 2. Yes, it is possible. You just need to set one for Drawable in xml attribute, just put “end” instead of “start”. Kind regards.

Hi, thanks for the reply. 1. Fine.

2. Yes, I’ve had the same experience with one app, they told me that you have to set the attribute to end and then it will be OK, but after I did it, I found that the action bar is still on the left and unfortunately the author didn’t support me for action bar. I’m not a professional coder. is it correct?


Hi, you can manage that if you remove Action bar (it is deprecated) and put Toolbar instead of Action bar. With toolbar you can have anything you want in top of your screen. Kind regards.

How do I disable the Ad bar at the bottom?

Hi, delete in main_activity.xml AdView, and then delete in MainActivity.java all lines of code that are related with property mAdView. Kind regards.

How do you mod, about description?

Hi, the description you can mod in about_us.xml. Kind regards.

How do you mod, about description?

Hi, the description you can mod in about_us.xml. Kind regards.

does it have a contact form? if yes can it be sent to an email along with the option to add a picture taken with the camera?

Hi, please take a look on our demo. Everything that is there, you will get if you bought our app. Kind regards.

Hello, i got 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to creat 2 or three Porfolios? (like Portfolio 1 & portfolio 2 in the main menu)

2. Do you plan a ios version of your app?

1. Yes, it is possible, but it demands some customization on server side, and some customization on client side.
2. We are sorry, but we are not planning to make ios version, because we are Android developers.
Kind regards.

Hi, I bought the script finds it difficult to practice what is the admin login password

Hi, we sent you the email about that. Kind regards.

Hi. can I see server demo ? The link does not work with demo/demo. Thanks

Hi, we are sorry, we fixed the issue. Please try again demo/demo. Kind regards.

i nedd android 6.0 version app so please update this app to 6.0 then i will buy it.

Hi, it is working with android 6.0 version. Kind regards.


I want to add firebase analytics, how to do it?

Btw, I’m using Android Studio, how to migrate it from Eclipse to Android Studio project?

Hi, please take a look at this link: https://developer.android.com/studio/intro/migrate.html
Also, please check the documentation for firebase, we didn’t work with it. Kind regards.

hi, demo is not working can u check demo link

Hi, we are sorry, we fixed the issue. Please try again. Kind regards.