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Good looking responsive design is very important to many. It is good to have responsive option on width, but there are different screen sizes, therwfore, products are generally are not aligned correctly in the center due the fixed margin between products. Is there any possibility to align products centered in responsive.

Hello, add the option: forced_centralized=”true” in the shortcode. It has improvements to this function, in the latest version (not available yet in Codecanyon). If you want, send me an email via my user profile, and I am sending you this latest version.

Example shortcode:

[bookshelf id="12345" forced_centralized="true" other options...]

GtMetrix shows me that images below have no dimension therefore slowing the page and giving me F grade for that. How can I fix this ?

/wp-content/plugins/bookshelf-slider/assets/book_fx.png (Dimensions: 60×107) (13 uses)

/wp-content/plugins/bookshelf-slider/assets/magazine_fx.png (Dimensions: 60×107)

/wp-content/plugins/bookshelf-slider/assets/shadow_fx.png (Dimensions: 15×107) (14 uses)

Actually, I have tried adding weight and height on .bookshelfslider.js file but that broke the design of bookshelf.

if (data_type == 'book') {
    $(selector + ' #b_' + i).css({'height': imgHeight, 'top': $prod.height() - imgHeight});
} else if (data_type == 'magazine') {
    $(selector + ' #m_' + i).css({'height': imgHeight, 'top': $prod.height() - imgHeight});
} else if (data_type == 'cd') {
    $(selector + ' #cd_' + i).css({'height': imgHeight, 'top': $prod.height() - imgHeight});
} else if (data_type == 'dvd') {
    $(selector + ' #dvd_' + i).css({'height': imgHeight, 'top': $prod.height() - imgHeight});
//add shadow

Hi, I did not understand what you wanna do. If you want to change the thumbnail size, this is done in php file, bookshelf_slider.php.

Any questions, please send me on my email support. Regards.

Hello, your plugin is awesome indeed :o it has make my life sooo much easier.

Off to my question, altho I think its not part of the “supported” questions but here it goes: I want to switch the “Panel Bar” to the top and the “Panel Title” to the bottom. If you point me in the right direction I’m sure I can figure it out haha.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, thank you!
The easiest way is by javascript. You can insert the code below at the end of the file called “jquery.bookshelfslider.min.js”. Or you can also enter this code into a javascript file that your theme opens. Just change the number 12345 for the shortcode ID.

(function($) {
    //"Panel Bar" to the top and the "Panel Title" to the bottom
    $(document).ready(function() {
        $bookshelf = $('#bookshelf_slider_sc_12345');
        $panelTitle = $bookshelf.find('.panel_title');
        $panelSlider = $bookshelf.find('.panel_slider');
        $panelBar = $bookshelf.find('.panel_bar');


Thank you very much. It worked perfectly :)

You’re welcome :)


I just purchased this plugin and it will not allow me to download. Here is the message I get:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Please help.


Hello Nikki,

You must first unzip the file you downloaded in CodeCanyon. Then install the file called “”.

Any questions let me know.

Hello again :)

I have a problem where I click on one of the books on the second, third, etc category and it goes sliding back to the first one. Do you know why this happens?


Hello, please send me the url of your page to my email and I’ll check.


I m very happy with my bookshelf. you can see it at I m looking to use it with swipe touch instead of the actual system based on plus and minus and vertical scroll

How can I do?

thanks Luca

Hi Luca,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin.

Touch swipe feature is not implemented in the plugin. If you have knowledge of JavaScript you may find some script and add to the plugin code. This is not really easy, then you will need to know well about web development or hire a developer to do for you.

Best regards

Is there any way to change permalink structure other than “bookshelf”? Thanks

Yes, this is possible by adding a line of code in the main plugin file. Please send me a message via email in my user profile, and I’ll show you how to do this in more detail. Regards.

is possible change the taxonomy? or translate it?

Yes, it is possible to translate if you are using a translation plugin. Might need to some extra code, depending on what you want.


I am interested in your WordPress Slideshow Plug-in. I am working on a Wordpress Multisite and due to this, I need a Plug-in which supports the following functionality: If a Slider is created on Blog A, it should be available with the same ID in Blog B. Due to this, I think it is necessary, that the Slideshow is working with the same table on both Blogs. On my Multisite we are only working on Blog A and broadcast the posts to Blog B. So the code snippet has to be the same for both blogs. Is it possible with your Plug-in?

Best regards and thank you Andreas

Hello Andreas,

Yes, this is possible, but is not documented. I also use WP Multisite, see an example of Bookhself plugin being used in two of my sites (test only).
This is the main site: And here the same post, used on the site voxgallery:

To use the plugin on another site of the multisite, you just need to add three attributes to the shortcode. In fact it is used another shortcode (bookshelf_multisite instead of bookshelf). See example below.

[bookshelf_multisite blogid="1" postid="391" posttype="bookshelf|post|product" ... others default attributes]

Explaining the attributes.

- blogid >> the id of the site where the main shortcode bookshelf was created. In my case is the main site (1)

- postid >> the id of the post where the shortcode is placed. In my case is the post (391)

- posttype >> This attribute is optional. The Bookshelf plugin supports three types of post: bookshelf, post (wp default) and products (Woo Commerce).

PS: the only current problem is that using the shortcode on another site, can not open the post content in a lightbox (when the thumbnail is clicked). But if you use the thumbnails as link only to open other pages or to open images/videos will work perfectly.

Any doubt let me know.
Best regards, Sergio.

I’ve added a category and added products to the category, but when I go to “Create Shortcode” and pick, “Bookshelf Categories” I get the message, “Category not found.”

Make sure you chose the correct taxonomy (There are 3 options of taxonomy). Then click “Update” to display the categories in this taxonomy. Note that empty categories (no products) are not shown.

Try to do as instructed above. If does not work, please send me your test page and Wordpress login. Then I’ll see what’s wrong.

I answered your email. Check the attached image on it, which contains instructions. Regards.

I’ve gotten the books to display but they aren’t sitting correctly on the shelf. How do I change the vertical position of the book? I need to move them up just a little. Would it be on the bookshelf_slider.css?

The css of your site is interfering in the bookshelf css. Yes, this can be solved by changing the bookshelf css, as you said above.

If you can not do this, send me the login of your site “as administrator”.

PS: please answer only in my support email.

I’m trying to sort the items on the shelf. They don’t sort according to published date because a book published today is listed after books published last week. Am I missing something?

Hi, In the creation of the shortcode use “Order” and “Order By”.
In Order choose “DESC or ASC”.
In Order By choose “date”.

You can also change the order individually within the post by using the panel Attributes:
Attributes > Order > Then type a number.

That works, thanks!

you’re welcome!

Hi just update to wordpress 4.7 yesterday and [#description#] its not showing the description, why? it was ok until update

Hi, I also upgraded to version 4.7 and did not give any problems. The problem may have another reason. Did you make another change to your site? Please reply only to email.

I’ve noticed that the clicks on the books don’t register in the site stats so there isn’t a way to tell how popular each book is. Is there a way to fix that?

Hello, sorry for the delay to respond. I use Google Analytics and I do not know the JetPack plugin, but as I read in its description, it has statistics. Then every page or post visited, it will count the visit. I think it counts clicks as well, as I saw on the plugin’s support page. See this link below for more information on the statistics of this plugin.


So each of the images is a post, right? I don’t understand why the stats doesn’t show the traffic.

Yes. Make sure that in the settings of the plugin JetPack you have the possibility to choose the posttypes that will enter in the statistics. If this option exists, choose the posttype “bookshelf”.


SaleDJ Purchased

Awesome plugin, great work! I would like to know is there any option to sell e-book’s, magazines, ... from the shelf? I mean, someone pay for magazine and then he can download?

Thank you! Answering your question, yes, but you have to use an e-commerce plugin to add the product to the cart. I suggest two e-commerce systems that you can download: Woo Commerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

Using any of these e-commerce systems, you can integrate with the bookshelf. Example: The user clicks on a book in bookshelf and the book is added to the cart.

PS: The Bookshelf plugin already has integration with the Woo Commerce plugin, so for me this plugin is the best choice. The advantage of using this plugin is that you only need to create the product once. As the two plugins are integrated, then you can create a bookshelf with these products (Created in the Woo Commerce plugin).

I hope it has become clear explanation, any doubt let me know. Regards

Hey great plugin, just a question. I can’t scroll on iPad . When scrolling on iPad it seems only one page is there, on PC/MAC no problem and working great. A little help would be appreciated. Installed at best regards

Hello, put the Bookshelf Width option (item_width attribute) at 100%. In shortcode it should appear as below:

[bookshelf id="12345" item_width="100%" ...other options...]

Does it work for audio books bookcase, please?
Thank you.

Thanks. Yes, I have just sent you a private message.

Thanks. Yes, I have just sent you a private message.

Hello! Sorry, I thought you had already purchased the plugin. I can only make the plugin available to buyers. If you buy the plugin I can make the update available to you by email. Excuse my misconception.

PS: The plugin is already in the queue with the new update. Now any audio or video supported in Wordpress can be added.

Regards, Sergio.

Sometimes the slider doesn’t completely show. Here is an example: If I go to the home page and then to the above page “Free Fiction eBooks” the slider doesn’t always load. Sometimes I have to reload the page several times. I’m using Firefox 56.0.2 Thanks, Jim

Hello, I think your site has a problem with the jquery file. It can also be a conflict with another plugin. Try disabling all other plugins and see if this problem still occurs.

Also, in the Bookshelf plugin menu, BS General Settings, change the Bookshelf Script option to “Open in the Header”.

It seems to be the W3 Total Cache plugin that’s causing the conflict. I’ve changed the option to “Open in the Header” as you suggested but it only works when I disable the W3 Total Cache plugin. This is a very popular plugin, have you had anyone else with this problem?

I have not had anyone with this problem yet. Try changing the compaction settings for scripts in the Total Cache plugin. Maybe changing some configuration solves, because I’ve seen that other scripts are also having problems to open, not just my plugin.

Please reply by email only to continue support. Regards.

Hello, I need to add a thumbnail cover that is 230px tall to my shelf. This is just a bit taller than the background supports, without the cover overlapping the divider. Could you please tell me how I can adjust the cover container height in a way that the wooden horizontal divider stretches with it? Thank you!

Hello, when you create (or edit) the shortcode, please choose the “Shelf Space” option as “Medium”. This is the highest height available.

For each product you have the option to customize the width and height. But in the bookshelf, between the shelves, there are fixed heights. It is not possible to increase without complex code changes.