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I really like this, I want to make a case book for my android application, this can be useful? if it can, how do I make it? if I could get a tutorial?

thanks a lot

Hi dethera, do not have a tutorial but basically, I think you should have the bookshelf at some online server, and then embed it within your android application. Regards

Great Plugin! Any plan to create a RTL version for right to left languages (like Persian, Hebrew and Arabic)?

Thank you! Try add o code bellow in the css style file, “bookshelf_slider.css”

.bookshelf_slider {direction:rtl !important; }

THANK YOU! I have been looking for weeks for a slider plugin for my public library’s new website. Your slider is going to look absolutely gorgeous. It’s just perfect! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome! And thank you very much for your comment!

I visited “Live Preveiw” just ago. Can I link the item as its being clicked to the direct file for download or to a specific html page for showing its contents; not only open fancybox of its image or something?

Yes, of course. You can link to any page or file. Open content in lightbox is optional. Regards

I bought this bookshelf slider and upload the files to my server. How and where can I upload my new items; admin page?

Hi, Thank you for purchase the plugin.

You can upload anywhere on your server, since in html of the plugin, you use the correct path of images. Use absolute path preferably. Example:



Thanks for your help. How can I modify the height of each shelf?

You need to modify the background texture (wood texture). The height is defined in it. The file name that defines the bookshelf height is “bookshelf_skin01_bg.jpg”. Also in the file that you downloaded has a PSD file with complete bookshelf.
If the texture height is changed, you must also change the code in the javascript file. The default value is 143.
Note that for customizations like this I do not give support.

Great product and easy to use!!!

Thanks so much!

Hello! Great plugin (purchased by my client)! Are there any way to set initial tab? Tried $(’#btn’).click() on the page load – but that jumps back to btn1 on init.

Then you will need to use the delay, or change the source code. The source code is available (without the word ‘min’ of minified). Find the trigger function that does this and change it…
Try commenting the line 682 in the file: jquery.bookshelfslider.js

Yeah, thank you will look into that! Thank you again for the great plugin! ;) Greetings from Siberia!

You’re welcome ;)