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Why would we need Server Access, as per your product description? Aren’t all files included in the purchase so that I can fully host this product on my Servers?

All files are included in the purchase. Backend PHP Scripts, XCode files and SQL file. You need a server so that you can setup any menu and you can make it premium.

That means if there is an additional Menu entry, you dont need to update the app in the App Store. It is done via simple clicks only :)

If you purchase the in-app to get more menus, does it also remove the admob?

Hi, we havent added it but we can add it as an update.


tharwat Purchased

Just purchased! Wanted to see if you have an Android version planned. Thanks!

Do not worry currently being developed.

^ Also hoping you put forth an Android version.

Do not worry currently being developed.

Does this use uiwebview or wkwebview?

Hi, in the display is fully Native, but when you tap the list, it will load using WebView. The list entries are native.

I understand that, but I’m asking if I wanted to load an external URL (such as youtube.com), is it displayed using uiwebview framework or wkwebview framework? uiwebview isn’t as reliable as wkwebview.

Hi, for Youtube, you will need a Channel ID only instead of a URL. Create Menu, select Youtube menu type > add the Channel ID.

In the app it is displayed as list entries. When tapped, it will show the entry as webview to play the video. We were discussing over as to show the native youtube app but for some reasons, some buyers do not want they are being navigated from one app to another. That is why we used Webview instead.

Sorry – I don’t understand what this does, especially for the user. Is there a video ?

Hi sorry. We havent have any video yet. This is an aggregator app. you put RSS url in the backend and make some for premium that can be unlocked via In-app purchase. Common content providers are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. We have included also Categories that you can define contents. Map to display some locations with detail screen and other common functionalities.

Swift or Objective-C?

Hi, its Objective C

Very good. GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Any android version? Also any Push notifications on roadmap?

It would be definitely next year, january. New year is fast approaching.

Getting an error—Fatal error: Class ‘Controllergallery’ not found in /home/www/aggr/gallery_menu_insert.php on line 17

I’m running local on my laptop using MAMP.

I think deleting all photos in the gallery (sample data) cause the issue. Not sure but you may want to try it.

Hi, email us for a simple fix. We found the issue and it is a case sensitive issue.

just buy it for support the developer ,i hope you will make an android version very soon :-)

Hi yes do not worry. It is coming underway.

For configurate AdMob, the app needs be published in APP Store ? I did create a new interstitial ad, I did change the AdMob Banner ID in Backend, and nothing.. when I want read a news form RSS, for example, I only have one black / gray screen that say “PUBLICIDADE”... but not the AD…

Definitely not working in any case :(

It should work as long as you written the BANNER_ID for banner ads and for Interstital BANNER_ID for Intersitial. If still not showing, maybe there are no available ads currently provided in the Google Server.

Yes , I think is something like that , because in my test, I saw only once a Interstitial when I open one RSS Feed, and nothing, so maybe Google are not providing ADS for my app. Thank you Anyway, I will continue trying

How can I get the ID Channel in Youtube, I have only the name of the channel but doesn’t work with that !

Thank you !

This is a sample channel id “UCjXfkj5iapKHJrhYfAF9ZGg”.

Jusr right click the webpage, view-source, then CTRL+F (Find)
Paste this "data-channel-external-id" 
Then you find the channel id

Why the application not show the pictures on RSS FEED ??? (Only in some situations with the example data works… but not with another feeds) The application not show the videos or photos of Facebook FAN PAGES , only text. I think is basic thinks that you can improve. Thank you … and still waiting for the Android version.

For RSS, that depends on the RSS if provided an Image. Some of the feed entry does not provide and it shown nothing.

For facebook we made only for thumb and a text.

Thanks for the suggestion we might consider it.

Can HTML pages be added to view offline?

HI, no such feature added but it could be a suggestion for further app enhancement.

As all smartphones have local storage, I would like to suggest a HTML pages feature be added so the user can view them offline mode, e.g. recipes for a cookery app, descriptions of places of interest for a tourist app, opening times for restaurants and shops, etc., This will enhance the app.

Hi, yes we have added your suggestions in our wishlist. Thank you for giving us inputs. :)

Any Live version?

Hi, we dont have any. We did not uploaded in PlayStore/AppStore our apps for fair usage to our buyers. Other buyers did not share also their link in PlayStore/AppStore.

How is the Android version coming along?

We are finalizing the Android version of Event Finder and Deal Finder then a small UI update on the CarFinder iOS then it would be next. Right now, it is currently develop.