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thanks! ;-)

it’s really simple but very useful and powerful plugin!

How does the plugin handle formatting of post content?

The post content will be formatted as in your xls or xlsx file will be defined.

Your Excel file has ‘Post Body’ field and includes the html tags like

<div style="text-align: center;"><p>Your text</p></div> 
or some other tags for adjust styles and formatting the text.

When you will import this Excel file into WordPress posts – all these defined styles and formatting of the text will be saved in your posts.

Or if you define your Excel text (in cell area) as bold, italic, etc. – your text will be bold, italic, etc. after importing into WordPress.

Hi there, just installed plugin. I go to the mutipost importer screen and (http://www.kennyjcampbell.com/screenshot.png) is all i see, with all options greyed out and it just statically states file uploading (when i havnt uploaded anything)

unfortunately it crashes/hangs at 94%

please read your email…

Dear sir,

No need to create a custom folder for this plugin and try to upload corrupted excel file.

Happy that we’re resolved your problem!


Hi OrtusIT, I have a few pre-sale questions.

1.) Can I import posts from an Excel document (that has url’s for the images that I want to use as the featured images) and automatically add the images to the media gallery? If so, will it do this without renaming my images? I am currently trying to do this with a another import plugin but it renames all of my images (it removes all of the hyphens from my image names).

2.) Can I import content into custom fields?

3.) Can I save the import mapping so if I import multiple files I do not have to remap all of the fields each time?

4.) Does it also work with CSV files or does it need to be XML or XLS?


Hello nopez4you,

1. In this version you can import posts directly from Excel files with automated screenshot of destination website by the defined URL. Images (screenshots) will be added in the Featured Image field for each Post and will be located in Media.

With new version of the plugin (will released nex week) you can define what are you want to import: screenshots or images or without the Featured Image. This plugin will not rename your images names.

2. Yes, you can do it. With using specified format in your content data (see templates for example).

3. Yes, you can define association (mapping) any Post features will be imported with your source Excel cells. This mapping will be used for all imported data.

4. This plugin work only with standard XLS or XLSX Excel files. If you need to use CSV file to import – please make convertation from CSV to XLSX file format.
But it’s possible to implement CSV files support in the next releases.

Thanks for your interest of our products.

Added new useful abilities to the plugin!

Now you can define not just a website URLs with automated screenshots uploads, but your own images, use a template image or without a Feature Image content.

Thanks to all our buyers!


can this plugin import custom wordpress meta boxes fields, please?


This plugin doesn’t work with metaboxes in current version.
Thank you for your interest.

Is it able to import XLS data to EVENTS MANAGER posts?

what is EVENTS MANAGER posts?
This plugin makes a posts with any additional features from your specified xls or xlsx file.
Thanks for interest.

this plugin imports any post content.

Multi-Post Importer Plugin imports any content as a POSTS with different values. I don’t know how works the plugin you talking…
Thank you.


Installed the plugin and tried to upload a xlsx document, shows that it’s loading then nothing happens. Please help ASAP

Hi, Please carefully see the included template file as an example.
Good luck.

Hi, The plugin import the posts, but can add pages?

Posts only for now…

Hi, It is possible to embed excel table with the formula of course and let the user to use those formula on the WordPress end thx

The plugin supports HTML tags, if I understand you right).
Thank you.

hello…is this plugin work with client page??tq

this plugin will work on all your created pages and/or posts. You can easily to create your prefered counter type and insert his with shortcode to any part of your page and/or post.

Hi, pre-sales question

Can I import excel XSLX/XSL file and then

1. each row will be inserted as movie Custom Post Type?

2. column in the excel file will be inserted as custom field in Movie custom post type?


Hi cyberfly, sorry for a delayed answer.

1. Yes, you can import xls or xlsx files directly to your posts. 2. Import of posts from Excel files including the following required fields such as Date, Time, Category, Post name, Post body, URL Screenshot website. 3. Also you can import a Custom Fields list (e.g. rating, mood and any other data)

Thank you.

Also you can use our support system for an additional questions: http://support.ortusit.com

there is the link to template xlsx file as an exapmle: http://demo.ortusit.com/xlsx/Template_Spreadsheet.xlsx

Hi, I need to bulk upload posts and want to upload and associate an image background for each post. Is it possible? thx j

Hello Jackola,

Yes, it’s possible. For that reason we had developed that plugin.

Please take a look to demo xlsx file that could be imported: http://demo.ortusit.com/xlsx/Template_Spreadsheet.xlsx



Just purchased your plug in for an urgent project but when I upload the plug in and then go into the settings page, it crashes the page duplicating everything on the page including wordpress dashboard and all Multi Post plug in settings. I can email screenshots if required.

This is a fresh wordpress install using Newspaper theme.

Have tried 3 times now and same result every time.

Can I please request a refund?

Many Thanks


Hi Jon,

please create a support ticket on http://support.ortusit.com

And we will support you.

Thank you.

Hi, great plugin. Deat support team, i want to change my website (news blog) with a new theme. In my old blog i have more than 5000-6000 posts in different categories. You can check old website here…http://tinyurl.com/ofh3yg2

I would like a way to export posts, categories etc and import them to the new website. is this possible with your plugin? It might have problems? is it possible to managed transfer the posts?

KIndest regards, xrisxal2000

For your needs you can use an ordinary WP import/export plugin.


Is this plugin ale to update already created post and pages?


This plugin just creates a new posts/pages from your xls or xlsx file.


Hello, I just bought the plugin and it seems when I upload the plugin, it only posts about 13-14 first posts in the excel file and then it sort of stops without any errors. You can see that the time is running and running and running and nothing happens. Tried it several times with different files still the same problem. Always stops at around 12-14 posts and then goes to sort of sleeping mode…. just time keeps ticking put no more posts are being posted….

I asked hostgator if they have any some restrictions on the hosting side but it they said no. Can you advise what the problem could be and how to fix it.

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Please use our support system: http://support.ortusit.com

Thank you for your notifying.

Hello, I am interested in buying this plugin. I have a question though: Is it possible to import a forum database to bbpress through xml files? How tech-wise should one be to do this?

Bought and installed under WP4.6, uploaded xls fine w/o error, but there is no button to proceed as instructed in Help. What next? Thanks.


Please open a ticket in support desk so our support staffs will help you to resolve that issue: http://support.ortusit.com/ We do not providing support through the comments.