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Hi, I tried the online demo, but got message: access denied.


To try it, you need to go into Catalog -> Products and select one product, then the tab Features is the correct one.

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Hi, Is there a way with your module to import products with multiple feature values?


The module allows you to manage the features from the admin panel but makes no import products multiple features. Perhaps in the future we think about a module that lets you import multiple values characteristic of a product.

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Nice Work. GLWS :)

i had problems with the install and the author gave me great support. good module, good price, great support. cheers!

Thank you for the kind words.

We appreciate them so much!

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Installed it.. See it enabled but my features are still in the same style like before.. Only can choose one every time.. Reinstalled it and enabled it.. Any help ? :( Presta version 1.6.1


You need to give override folder and its childrens writting permissions, then reinstall.

You can also make this process manually copying all the files and folders inside our override folder into the override in root.

Check also that you have in Advanced Parameters > Performance the option Disable all overrides as NO

If this doesn’t Works, send us an email with you ftp and backoffice credentials so we will check it as soon as possible.

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Do you have working demo?

I have error all the time: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT


That is strange, for us works perfectly.

Try in private mode or in other browser it can be related with the cache.


Ok, it was browser issue.

I have an issue with this. The feature selection works fine. But if you want to a dd custom text field and not select a checkbox variation, I get a weird error where the text is repeated thousands of times on the front office.


We just answered to your email.

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Hi, does your modules compatible with native block layered module?

Hi, thanks for your interest.

Yes, all our modules are fully compatibles with prestashop’s default ones.


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one more question, how does multiple features values look like at frontend? P/S: I could not access your demo site, any alternative URL? Thanks.

Hola, hace unos meses adquirí vuestro módulo “Productos sugeridos por cuestionario” y ahora estoy teniendo problemas con otros 2 módulos vuestros que he adquirido.

.- El que he podido instalar (“Ocultar características”), no puedo configurarlo. Me sale el siguiente error: Warning on line 208 en archivo /home/cultura4/public_html/classes/helper/HelperList.php [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

.- Y el otro (“Valores de características múltiples”) no he podido instalarlo. Me sale el siguiente error: Notice on line 2806 en archivo /home/cultura4/public_html/classes/module/Module.php [8] Undefined offset: 4

Y tras esta ventana de error sale este mensaje: El siguiente(s) módulo(s) no pudieron instalarse correctamente: multiplefeaturevaluesproduct : Incapaz de instalar con control manual : El método initContent en el grupo ProductController ya esta en control manual.

¿Podríais ayudarme?


Buenos días, muchas gracias por la respuesta.

Quedo a la espera de noticias.

Un saludo.

Buenas tardes, ya he podido solucionar el problema que tenía. Necesitaría saber cómo utilizar el módulo ya que desde la configuración únicamente puedo desactivarlo. Le he echado un vistazo a la demo, y está claro. Pero cuando edito mis artículos no aparece la pestaña de “características”. ¿Podríais guiarme, por favor? Gracias

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Podriamos mantener el hilo por email?? Nos envias mensajes y comentarios, por favor hagamoslo todo por email.

PD: No tengo acceso al BO.

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This plugin does not work with me. When I install the plugin the features does not work. Can you help me?

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Does this work on 1.7?


Unfortunatelly not, PS 1.7 changed a lot of things, right now we are not updating our modules to 1.7


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