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Hey! I’m trying to work in the loadPreviousQuestion event but I keep getting errors that the event cannot be found. “event not found:loadPreviousQuestion” Is there anything I need to do to load the event? Here’s the XML I’m using: ”<button id=”previousQBtn” position=”relative” width=”150” display=”inline-block” margin-bottom=”10” anim=”none” event=”btnover,loadPreviousQuestion”><![CDATA[Back]]></button>”


Hi there, make sure you have a “loadPreviousQuestion” event in the events node. You can checkout the “btnover” event for reference, the events are at the top of the xml file. From those events you can show/hide/animate/enable/disable any other element in the quiz and also call function events (in this case loadPreviousQuestion which is an existing function in quiz.js). If you need any support, please feel free to use the support email address. Kind regards.


seonte Purchased

Perfect! Thanks!

hi Does it have a Back End/Admin panel?

Hi, no, you simply work in an xml file, pasting in your text, copying questions, changing the text, number of options, feedbacks etc.. There are six examples provided to work with.

Hi Thank u for the prompt reply.

I understand, it can also include pictures, I guest all are through the xml. Right?

So, my understanding is to upload all the files and folders. But, does it integrate within my template or it’opens in another page on its own. It’s only a link that is place on my website.

Thank you, looking forward to hear from you shortly.



Yes, the XML schema includes an image element so you can add (and animate) images no problem.

Yes, you would upload the files and folders and then link to myquizfolder/index.htm from anywhere on your website.

You could also change index.htm to include your branding, but that’s entirely up to you.

Kind regards.

Requirements of my use-case:

- question 1? (yes/no) if yes load question X if no load question Y and so on for every question till the end.
- progress bar with one icon for every step/question clicking on one icon the user can restart quiz at that step
- persisting state of quiz so that if the user go away from page (in the middle of the quiz or at the end) when he come back the quiz will restart from where it was abandoned.

Does your script support the above requirements?

hi there, i’m searching for a plugin that can limit the times a single user can pass the quiz – for example a user will connect, do the quiz, and then all he can see will be just the results of other people. is it possible?

Hello and congratulations for your great script! I need your help : I do not get the results in%. When there is 100% correct, the message “Congratulations!” appears (I put the masteryscore = “100”). If one answer is not good on all the questions, then I get the message corresponding to the result “Fail” (worst result) How to set the results to get a result just in%? I would like to have 3 slices results:

- 100% correct - 75% to 99% correct - 0-74% correct.

In advance, thank you for your answer.

I use quiz2_responsive.xml release.


Hi there. Out of the box you get two types of feedback: pass (based on your mastery score variable) or fail. Defining “ranges” of feedback would require customising the script. It’s not a big change to the JavaScript, but it would fall under a customisation. You can either customise the JavaScript yourself or please send an email to the support email address if you’d like us to discuss a paid customisation. Kind regards

is there an editor added with this?

is there an editor added with this?

No, you just edit an XML file in your text editor of choice.

Hello, excellent script, however just need help in adding a facebook share option. Do you have any WORKING examples where the results score is shared on facebook as a generic point to FB developers is not providing very helpful.

Or how to make an event or button using:

class=”fb-share-button” data-href=”https://” data-layout=”button” data-size=”large” data-mobile-iframe=”true”>Share

Hi, I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood the nature of the support. The support applies to built-in features and functions of the item. Whilst the engine allows you to add whatever html you like, e.g. create your own custom buttons and functions, unfortunately I don’t have enough free time to provide support for any custom HTML/css/javascript/third party APIs you wish to include. Adding content that is not included in the demo and is not listed as an existing feature of the item, is entirely up to you.

Can you add payment methods? Paid quizzes and premium membership .

Hi there

I was just wondering if i could insert like a 1000 questions in the XML-file and have the engine choose 10 random questions every time the quiz is loaded?

And how do i publish the quiz in a website? Do i use a link in an iframe or an embed code?