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Is it possible to play a sound when someone presses submit and its correct or when its wrong? a positive ding sound would play if right and an annoying beep sound would play when its wrong. Thank you! Great script by the way!

Hi. You can add events to the pass, partial and fail feedback. As well as the built in animation events, you can also call your own custom javascript functions in these events. So you would need to include a HTML5 audio tag in your page (presumably hidden) then write the javascript to change/load/play the src file for the audio player.

Is there something i have to do when uploading the folders and html files to my server? I am just getting the preloader spinning and the quiz never loads. I tried just dropping in your demo files as I downloaded them from CC and it does the same thing.

Thank you for the quick response. I just zipped up the code provided from CC and uploaded to Cpanel without any changes. Then unzipped it. I checked the js and xml files to ensure they remained intact. Im still getting the preloader spinning. I checked console and get these errors:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) quiz.js:13 Uncaught ReferenceError: MCQ is not defined at quiz.js:13 chrome-extension://geoojlmkoihngmefkfnkpmpnnfcglofg/content.js:14 Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list quiz.js:3 Uncaught ReferenceError: MCQ is not defined at Quiz (quiz.js:3) at Element.create (essemble_core.min.js:1) at ElementLoader.load (essemble_core.min.js:1) at Screen.createElements (essemble_core.min.js:1) at Screen.loadXMLCompleteHandler (essemble_core.min.js:1) at j (jquery.js:1) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:1) at x (jquery.js:1) at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (jquery.js:1)

This is on the Responsive Quiz 2 page.

Hi, it looks like you need to change the file permissions of quiz.js to allow read access – 403 (forbidden) means the file does not have read access on the server. You can usually change the file permissions using your FTP client.

That worked! Thank you.

Is it possible to copy the quiz script into a bootstrap html admin template?

Yes, the responsive demos use bootstrap v3.1.1 css and class references. You can also change any class references in the xml to whatever css framework you’re working with. Target the id of the container in which to render the quiz in the init() function.

support the other language?

Yes, it supports whatever language to choose to use.

Hi, will be buying this and would like to know is it possible to create drag on drop quiz with the Drag and Drop Engine

They are separate items, but you could create your own navigation to join multiple exercises, this would be entirely up to you though.

Is there a builder for this quiz?

No, you just paste your question text, option text and feedbacks into an xml file.

Pre-sale question: is this possible to group questions based on the previous answers? i.e: Question 1 (Answers: A, B, C, D). If a user chooses A, show question 2 with 3 possible answers, but if a user chooses A and B, show question 2 with 6 possible answers. Thanks!

Question branching and option-specific feedback/events are supported. The natural behaviour is to load the next question, but you can choose to load a specific question by using the loadQuestion(id) event, where id is a question id, e.g. loadQuestion(3)

For example:

Branching can be based on option specific feedback (the branching is just an example, you can load whatever question you like, or choose to load the next question on any of the options):


A: Loads feedback with button which loads question2 (or no feedback/button and immediately load question2)

B: Loads feedback with button which loads question3 (or no feedback/button and immediately load question3)

C: Loads feedback with button which loads question4 (or no feedback/button and immediately load question4)

D: Loads feedback with button which loads question5 (or no feedback/button and immediately load question5)


Branching based on whether the user response is evaluated as correct, partially correct or incorrect:

A (marked as a correct option)

B (marked as a correct option)

C: (marked as an incorrect option)

D: (marked as an incorrect option)

Correct feedback with button to load question 2 (or no feedback/button and immediately load question2)

Partial feedback with button to load question 3 (or no feedback/button and immediately load question3)

Incorrect feedback with button to load question 4 (or no feedback/button and immediately load question4).

So if you don’t care about showing a score at the end of a quiz, you can flag certain questions as correct in order to trigger correct/partial/incorrect events, and manage branching based on that.


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I want to integrate this with my AngularJS app and load the quiz data dynamically. What is the best option for implementation?

Hi, you could either generate the xml on the server and send this to the page or include angular js vars in the xml that gets renders as html and then swap these out at runtime.