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Good luck with sales – DCSF

Thanks :)

Thanks you too ;)

Is there Demo apk available? Is it support math quiz with latex support

is there a CMS for managing questions? Are questions stored local to device or gotten from server?

No, there is no CMS the quiz shuffels the question, which you insert over Android Studio. So the Player just need Internet for Multiplayer Option

please apk , i want to test the multiplayer

in our description we writed that the multiplayer option is just possible when the game is live on google play, like in Beta or so, but i can make some screenshots for you from the game which was created for a german company, there we can show you the Multiplayer.

good work, very nice :)

thanks ! :)

Any chance to add Admob instead of appodeal ?

Admob is integrated with Appodeal! :) so Appodeal decided who bids the most per view, mostly it is Admob, and you can sync your Admob Account for Stats, so yes Admob is in Appodeal integrated :)

Multiplay mode is bugged, does not log in to google play account. Does not record the points made in the quiz. A lot to improve. When everything is ok you will have a new demo

The mode works perfect, but please read the description, Multiplayer is just possible in Live Mode, the demo APK is just a demo to show how it works, and not uploaded to google play. if you want a functional multiplayer shown you just have to wait 1 up to 2 weeks when our own quiz game with the same engine like we sell it here goes online which is shown the Multiplayer ;) So no bugs ;)

Okay, I’m waiting for the online mode.

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Stop spamming all these comment sections with the same comments merely to push your own products. Your account should be suspended.

ios version ?

Nice App glws

This item looks really good. I like it.

support arbic RTL ?

I bought it. its very very bad. questions panel is offline.its very very bad i am using translate.