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Cool concept but I don’t understand why you are able to define your wallet, shouldn’t it be a predefined value as otherwise someone might put a very large sum and keep playing for a long time…Also, when you’re out of funds, it should kick you out of your slot, not let you replenish in my opinion.

Thanks for your comment. I would agree with you if it the game was for real money. At the moment it’s designed to let everyone practice and have fun playing Blackjack for as long as they like, so really there is no reason why a player should be kicked, because the game is free anyway.

Are we are able to sent winning chance etc, house profit in config files etc ?

No, cards are dealt randomly, so chances are more or less equal.

hello can you make this script not visible to visitors only to those who are a member of your site only

Hello, it’s possible to implement. To discuss it in more details please contact me through my profile page. Thank you

Pre-sale suggestion: Would it be possible to add a purchase coins/chips if a player is out of fund.. It’s a fun game butto continue playing, players must purchase more chips if he/she is out of funds to bet.. :)

it’s possible to implement this as a custom request. If you want to discuss the details further please send me a private message. Thanks

is it possible to pull the name and money from an existing database? Then on exit update money? If you tell me where and how to run the query, I can alter the query.

Hi, It’s possible to implement it, but it’s not as easy as telling you where to put a certain piece of code. You can contact me via private message to get a quote on this type of job. Thanks.

Hi my name is tony and first time for me to buy the source code.After i down load the source code can i see demo on webpage or what should i continue to built the game become live.Please kindly advice me or any training video link i can watch. Thanks

Hi, there is a setup guide document, please check. Basically what you need to do is to copy the contents of the archive to your server and it should work straight away. Thanks.

Where I can find the contents of the archive in which folder ?Do I need to set up server in my computer?Thanks for immediate reply .This is my first time to study how to do it.Please kindly guide me throughout .Thanks

You need to upload the files to your website server. Have you got a website?

error in your script Fatal error: Class ‘BjModel’ not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\index.php on line 7

Did you copy all files including res folder?

Is this using AJAX polling? or web sockets?

I installed all the files, the files not working. Please send me document. The document is not even located in the folder. Send me correct files. This is broken. It says -> Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Hi, replied to you by email.

your demo doesnt seem to be working correctly. I sit add money to my wallet but nothing happens.

It’s fixed now, thanks for letting us know.

:) hi tested you game out, just a little feedback, I noticed it told me If I won or lost before it was actually done dealing the cards out. *i know its just a game for fun.. but that makes it look as if its riged per hand is already pre selected (which in the code is)

Yeah, the result is displayed a little bit faster due to animation of cards taking some time. I’ll see if it can be made more realistic. Thanks for your feedback.

It’s Possible To push fixed username & wallet amount ?? also After Complete each call Another API to inform about loss or win ??

If both possible Then How ?? And only that condition I can buy your script

Any possibilities to add this feature??

Yes, for an extra fee. If interested please contact us by email

yes interested please Give me price quotation. AND buy system & support condition


how can i activate the script , i install it and it is not working good


there is no activation, you just need to copy it to a server. What exactly is not working? Please provide more details

it is so basic and bad script and so slow on website , i want to refund my money please , thanks !

What exactly is slow, can you give a link to your website for us to check?

Please also read the CodeCanyon refund policy:

Hello; I want to buy it, I will want something different. What is your e-mail address?

Does this have a log of games played?

Would it be easy to add a log for this games?

What kind of log?

Greetings – I’m having issues with your game loading on apple devices.. mac book pros etc..

Which browser do you use? What kind of issues do you experience, can you provide some screenshots?


lafftour Purchased

Hello, I purchased your blackjack and copied all to the server but am getting a 500 error. I did not see a set up doc anywhere. I see one other person may have had this issue. Please advise. Thanks.


could you please provide temporary FTP access so we can have a look?