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I have downloaded the plug-in and did everything as instructed on customizing my own language bar. When uploaded the page, it does not allow me to choose any language. The bar is up there, but no selection is allowed. Help?

You’ll have to provide us with a link to assist in troubleshooting

Hi, Could you make the plugin so that it uses the ‘chosen’ jquery select menu with the flags? Here’s a link to the chosen select menu:


The standard menu is what I am talking about.

I would be using the wordpress plugin, not the html one.

The current design is not user friendly. I clicked the demo select menu, and the languages appeared on the far left of the screen and I use very high resolution…I think a more user friendly approach would be to use the chosen jquery plugin where you can type the country into the search, it auto populates and you click on the language and it automatically translates. Boom! It’s perfect! Without the unfriendly design your currently using. Just suggesting, not saying it doesn’t work well, just that the design could be better.

If you can incorporate that idea, you made a sale.

Responded via your support email!

Can you confirm if you will do this in your next update?

Responded via your support email!

Hi, i’ve got a presale question. I would like to use this plugin with CodeIgniter, is ti compatible? Do you know if there are some issues with it?

Thank you

It hasn’t been tested directly with it, but I can’t think of a reason it would not work.

can you please optimize the code for mobile… its breaking the design…

No email received…. please send again

I resent it earlier when you said you didn’t get it, and I just resent it again. If you’re still not receiving it, please try a different email or check your spam folder.

I resent it earlier when you said you didn’t get it, and I just resent it again. If you’re still not receiving it, please try a different email or check your spam folder.

Hi.. I would like to see the Flag of the language called rather than a Set Language tag. This Flag would change according to the set language called on.. Any chance that this option is avail able now..


This is not currently a feature, but we are looking into it for the future.

Thank you… That would be nice.. :)

I realise this point has been raised before and I understand your standpoint on it… but I will raise it again anyway .. .

The Google menu is really a big issue, the way it drops into view.. When it opens it bounces my menus out of site.. I really do believe that there must be other ways to acknowledge Google in this .. Even if its just a small logo that appears. But to have a huge bar span across the entire top of the website is really annoying and causes issues.. I would just click on the Button and select a Flag for Language and that is it..

We didn’t program that bar to be there. I understand you dislike the bar, but we will not modify Google’s code to hide or remove it. As I mentioned previously, you can do it on your own, but we will not violate Google’s terms of use.

Hi there. Is this plugin updated? We have downloaded it and we have tried the quick-start.html page but it seems not to translate to other languages (we uploaded a testing text), so we have tried to upload the script files, added all the Google Translate Dependencies and “initialize multilingo” with the DIVs but when we click into any language, it doesn’t translate any part of the site. Are we missing doing anything?

I forgot to tell you the website: https://listinghyip.com Thanks

It seems to be because you are serving your website using HTTPS. So, you will have to add the https:// in front of all of the scripts you load as opposed to simply using http://

If you need more assistance, you can email us at support@windycitydigital.net, and we will be happy to help you edit your files!

Thank you so much for your response. We have a mod rewrite redirect through our .htaccess and I hadn’t found any other Multilingo file/script with https. So if you don’t mind I’m going to send you the file where we added the translator codes just in case you could take a look at it. Thanks again and Kind Regards.

Greetings – Pre-Sale question please. Will this cool script work with responsive site? Tested the example page on Envato and used the slide function and it seems to work just fine when resizing my browser – same with various devices?

Thanks much – this seems to be the best I’ve seen. All the best Ron

The plugin should work fine on mobile in both the slide out and drop down themes. It’s been tested on a number of phones and tablets without issue!

Thank you very much, off to get what appears to be a real gem!

All the best Ron

tried installing the plugin and failed, getting the following message:

“The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

Also tried unzipping and uploading via ftp but still no plugin installed

Please respond and help as very disappointed with this so far

Where are you trying to “install” this plugin to? This is not a Wordpress plugin. This is a standalone jQuery plugin. We have a WordPress version available, but this is not it.

Hi there, I had sent an email recently about the translator seemingly not working so well over multiple pages in Internet Explorer. Did you receive it? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!!

Sorry about the delay. Just responded!


itxclan Purchased

Hi. buy the plugin, follow the installation instructions and it does not work, this link may review and tell me if something is wrong http://www.colparques.net/COM/quick-start.html

We’re responded to your email!

opencart? work www.exportburada.com

There should be no issues running this with any framework. It’s just a simple javascript/jquery plugin.

Hello, i have contacted via support. Plugin kinda does not work on my site, can you look at my email ?. Thanks.

We’ve already responded!