Multilingo - Automatic Website Translator

Multilingo - Automatic Website Translator


Google Translate has come a long way in the past few years, yet the language select drop down is an eye sore on most websites. Multilingo leverages the power of Google Translate to instantly translate your website content into over 80 different languages while giving you complete control over the style and structure!

If you don’t know much about CSS styling, we have you covered. The plugin comes out of the box with two preset themes to choose from – including country flags!

How It Works

The actual Google Website Translator gets embedded on your site using an iFrame which makes it difficult to style items. Using a small jQuery script, we generate that same list of languages using only HTML to give you complete control over how they are displayed on your website!

A “Select Language” button is positioned in the top right hand side of the screen. When clicked, the button reveals a menu that lists all 80 languages Google Translate currently supports!

Supported Languages

Installation Instructions

There are two different methods to install the translation script. First, you can use the quick start guide provided with the purchase. It functions out of the box – all you need to do is add your HTML/CSS content to the page.

If you have an existing site, you can follow the manual installation instructions to include it on your current website.



03/11/2016 - ver 2.0
   - Recoded/updated the entire plugin structure
   - Reduced the need for HTML code and automated the build
   - Moved to an image sprite for flags

12/22/2014 - ver 1.2
   - Added language support for Chichewa
   - Added language support for Kazakh
   - Added language support for Malagasy
   - Added language support for Malayalam
   - Added language support for Myanmar (Burmese)
   - Added language support for Sesotho
   - Added language support for Sinhala
   - Added language support for Sudanese
   - Added language support for Tajik
   - Added language support for Uzbek

8/18/2015 - ver 1.2
   - Updated clicking functions to prevent inconsistencies
12/19/2014 - ver 1.1
   - Fixed issues relating to browser language settings & country