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Hello , Is this application register User ?? if i purchase this what it include ? i mean source code etc please send me detail on

Sure. I will email you

Hi, great app,Is this app support Bangla Text to speech (TTS Bangla)? Like i add any bangla paragraph (আমার বাংলা নিয়ে প্রথম কাজ করবার সুযোগ তৈরি হয়েছিল) that speech in bangla.

7 days but no replay , .....??

Sorry, actually, we are not getting notifications about new comments on our email. You can write to us on Skype (jitesh.dugar) for instant reply.

Hi, all your demo showing “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.”. What’s happen? Also where is documentation for it?

Demo app is available here –

Please write to us on Skype (jitesh.dugar) for instant reply.

PRE-PURCHASE QUESTION: Will this app be getting an update or has it been abandoned now?

It has not been abandoned. But, it is compliant with all the new changes.

We are happy to provide any support that you need on this app.

You can ping me on Skype – jitesh.dugar

Can I use my own language with this APP? I mean one that’s not part of the Yandex API?

If it is not a part of the Yandex API, you cannot use it.

how can i solve this problem “Failed to Convert!Check Internet Connection”

Hello, At what point are you getting this error?

Can we connect on Skype? My Skype Id – rishabh.dugar2 & jitesh.dugar

Hi. Update for android 8.x 9.x ?

The app is already compatible with android 8.x 9.x

But, we will update the targetSDK and share soon.

You can reach us on Skype – jitesh.dugar

this is work with hebrew lang?

Yes, Hebrew is supported