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Hi Author , Looks like I’m the first to buy..

Looks good .. on the demo .. have little issue .. There was not much info on installation ( probably did not need )

As per your instructions

I get this error ..once installed the top ( header) ( sorry I am not a programmer )

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/property_show.php:1) in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/include/header.php on line

If I select a photo on the front page. I get this error… > Home Notice: Undefined variable: href in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/include/header.php on line .

Notice: Undefined variable: href in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/include/header.php on line 267

ALSO: Cannot login as ” admin” password = 123456 it is in the database above credentials but will not work ..

also does it have “PayPal” for charging agents ( if not please consider , good to automate ..) ??

:) :) :) but I Love the Product (script ) well done…:)




Thank you for your feedback! I’m trying as quickly as possible to remedy the problems. Soon I update the script. The correct admin login data:
Username: admin
Password: admin
I wrote bad in description.
Once again, I’m sorry, this is my first Scripts :)

Hi Author ,,

Still have errors as before ( tried different installations )

Was able to Login “ADMIN ” cannot change password ( grey-out ) or change change admin name to something else .

Edit through phpMyAdmin —changed user/password – manually this okay ?

Notice an error pop up ( I have put “local host ” “database name” ” and user ..but error I get charlesdom@localhost NO Password a mysql error ??

Regards :)


Thanks Author :)

The database error seem to get the wrong username and not picking up password ..yet can login and change things around ( testing )

look at the my website —check the error yourself ..

Thank You for your effort and quick response “NEWBY” ( first script ..well done ..congrates )

Wait back to hear from you .


CharlesDom :)

I uploaded the new version. Soon after the review will be available. The errors listed repaired.

Your website issues solution:
Open “include/header.php” in editor, and replace one line:
ini_set(‘error_reporting’, E_ALL);
error_reporting(0); ini_set(‘display_errors’, 0);


Hi Author ..

Made the change ” /include/header.php —ALL GOOD

But I know you are aware other issues .. click on any photo …errors

Fatal error: Call to undefined function money_formating() in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/property_show.php on line 58

Just feedback ... I am happy … Let you do ..what you do best .. :)

Good luck !! :) :)



Open editor “property_show.php” and search -> <?php echo money_formating($selectproperty[‘price’]); ?>
and replace -> $selectproperty[‘price’];


put in “property_show.php” after ”<?php” tag:

function money_formating($money) { return number_format($money, 0, ’,’, ’ ‘); }

no mod_rewrite?

Hi Author ,,

Well Done Fix(update)

But now different error

Under the slider “FRONT PAGE “

Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/index.php on line 383

Also — “Register” looks like no link ,,, on the front page menu not working ?? If you type in manually ” /register.php ” its there and okay .

All else seems okay … :) :) :).



The agent registration is not perfect yet, so it has been disabled. Front page menu works perfectly… Coming soon next update…

Hi Author ..

Just an Feed back ..:)

Still has editing issues .. When agent ... only allows one photo ..(lets you only replace the one there)

Admin can add as many as it wants to account … but the got an error tice: Undefined index: premium in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/admin/edit_property.php on line 775

Notice: Undefined index: wifi in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/admin/edit_property.php on line 783

Notice: Undefined index: radio in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/admin/edit_property.php on line 784

Notice: Undefined index: dvd in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/admin/edit_property.php on line 785

Notice: Undefined index: balcony in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/admin/edit_property.php on line 787

Notice: Undefined index: useofpool in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/admin/edit_property.php on line 789

Notice: Undefined index: computer in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/admin/edit_property.php on line 791

Notice: Undefined index: microwave in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/admin/edit_property.php on line 792

EDITING / SAVING to AGENTS Account or doing through ADMIN lost all details …and had to start again .

MMmm :) good luck !



Hmmmm… The script is perfect for me, it works error-free in my storage … The agent site is not yet complete, but the description is still there, “Coming soon”...

Maybe delete all file your storage and delete database, and reupload all file and new database file import your database…

Hi Author ,,

All Good – Uploaded new DB fixed problem (storage)

Feedback: When looking at the website with “Apple IPhone” it does not seem too responsive . the header wit phone number “cannot see” seems not to respond to “Mobile Phones” very well ??..

*Should it work with mobile response ??

All Good ,good luck :)



IPhone has not yet been tested.It fixes an issue that you write.

Hi admin i would like to ask if your real estate agency script is 100% open source code.. I am really interested your website design , please contact me as soon as possible i will buy your script if it is open source code..

Hi web_developerph! Yes…this is it. Best Regards

hi Author ,

When you get time :)

If you click on the the “ENGLISH FLAG” front page ..even though you are in English mode Hungary ….

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/index.php:2) in /home/charlesdom327/public_html/ALWAYHOME.COM/include/header.php on line 43

( Click on either ENGLISH or HUNGARY)

If I click back to Home page ( click on say LOGO ) to refresh back to “HOME” it reset and all okay ...



Hi Author ..

Sorry about that ... your update fixed it

”/include/header.php ” error_reporting(0); ini_set(‘display_errors’, 0);


Regards CharlesDom ps… I should have remembered


Please can you remove part of name in your script title “Real Estate Agency” because it’s to similar to my original script name and someone can mistakenly interpret this?



Rename the script.


I can’t see language management in admin menu? How will we add or change it?

Szia! Valahol található m?köd? demó?

Szia! A leírásban lév? linken most látom, hogy valami gigszer volt, de javítom; jgy ott majd megtalálod hamarosan a m?köd? demót.

Mostmár elérhet? az adott linken a demó. Köszönöm.

This script would have been good if fully responsive (Bootstrap)

Hi Author ,,

Any idea on when you get the ” Register” Working ??

Please advise ..


CharlesDom :)

Hello I would like to know if the registration process works. can a seller post a property on the site for others to see? can an agent post properties via CRM?

there is any update or related?