Discussion on Multilanguage Advanced Restaurant System

Discussion on Multilanguage Advanced Restaurant System

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Does it have ingredient (recepy) and deduct from stock balance , also adding items to stock

It has ingredients option, but it does not have feature to add or deduct from / to stock. You can only add or deduct foods from / to stock

Is the source code sold or only a copy?

Ok please tell me how can I help you so that you can buy?

What is the appropriate payment plan?

I think there are many payment plans for buying including PayPal, Visa card, etc..

hello, Sir what language is the program written

Its written with VB.Net and SQL Server

Hi team , wonderful work , 1 – do you have FR languages in your project , 2 – can you make for us build “exe” with our details .

Hi Thanks for your interest. Yes we can do your customizations and we will charge some amount. Please send us an email to: prog.world21@gmail.con

Hello, am thinking about getting this product but I have some questions 1. Does the system allow post paid model whereby the waiter just punches the orders and generates bills then the cashier collects payments from the client 2. Does it have an option of printing the orders in the kitchen printer 3. Does it have an option of multiple terminals whereby different waiters can access any terminal to key in orders 4. Does it have a way of restricting waiter to only view and update the orders they had keyed in earlier without tampering with other waiters orders? 5. Does it have a way of integrating with other payment methods like Card/MPesa I will highly appreciate your response on those questions


thank you for your interest. Please have the short answers for your question:
1- Yes
2- yes
3- No
4- Yes
5- No
As for the options which are not currently available in the software, we will be happy to implement new updates (customizations) you need and we will charge for them. You can send as an email to:


Can the system currently send the sales invoice to the email? In order to send electronic invoicing.

All emails and invoices an be directly emailed or exported to pdf, excel, word and text formats with a single click.

any latest version for now ??

Not currently.

Hi Author, no updates since 2 years. Are you relasing any updates in near future ?

Not currently

Incluide source code?

Hello, Is there a demo or trial to test it

Hello Unfortunately, there is no trial exe available for this product as it is a desktop-based product, but video preview and product description, and screenshots are there on the item’s profile page. Thanks

i purchased the product , how i define item ingredients?

First you go to “Master Entry” section, then Categories, and for each category, you can add multiple ingredients.

After that, whenever you add a food in the POS, ingredients will be added automatically, in order to update the ingredients inside the added foods in the cart, simply click the edit button next to the Qty column in the cart.


1- Is There Option To Define Ingredients and Auto Deduct Quantities from Store ? 2 – Is There Option to add suace or extra to items while Ordering? 3- Is There Option to sales return?

Does this software give Profit & Loss Report?

Currently it doesn’t have P&L report, but if you need, we can add it for you for a low price. Please send us an email. Thanks

how to format bills ?

Source code is there, you can change it using this source code. If you need our help, send us an email to

Hi , i need support , the program not work fine there is is many issue , thanks

Hi, please make sure that you proceed as its mentioned in the documentation, you need visual studio 2019, DevExpress 19.3 or higher and sql server 2014 or higher.

In case you have issue with installation, please email us to:


Fee question for presale: 1) can I do database backup to cloud automatically? 2) system come with inventory and accounting features(included expenses) 3) suitable to use in 11 inch tablet?

For point 2, inventory and account features, can u tell me regard the function have now?

By the way, I need a small customization on sql server trigger proceedure to update/deletion (changes) to 2 databases, 1 to the local(ms sql) and 1 to the cloud(mysql). Can you do the customization for me?

Please send an email to:

Hello , do you have demo ?

Unfortunately as it’s a desktop software we could not provide a demo, though you can see the video preview of the software in the item profile

Bugs Found, Check your email

Dear WorldProg, have installed all necessary tools, it installed and working fine, bugs are related to calculations.

It’s been tested and it’s working fine. I saw the video you emailed me and it’s showing an unusual invoice number, and I asked you to send the database backup so that we can check your database (only to help you) and find out the issue with that. We are still waiting for the database.

sending the database backup

Dear when I run this source code it is giving me 102 errors can you help me to install it and run it without error

Please read the installation manual and make sure you have visual studio, DevExpress and sql server installed on your machine.

Anyways, we will connect to your machine and configure the source code and exe file for you, please send an email to:

bro I have installed all requirement software for this source code , i sent you email

Check your email


What is the best version compatible with VB.NET \please share me devexpress . Best regards

It’s written with, it’s better if u open it in vs 2019. please send us an email to:


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