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Looks nice. Are those drop down elements multi columns?

Exact Hanniball! A simple drop down menu built in css and html only, without using jquery.

requesting video preview.

Hi pleiadene! you can watch the video by clicking on Live Preview. Thank you

nice :)


Thank you ghohan!

All good 5 stars ‘from me :)

:) Thank you ttheb64!

Are this menues available for WP?

i am sorry mohalam, it’s not for wordpress.

Can I use this with Dreamweaver CS3 ? Reka

Hello I am using the menu bar.

Big question: I am using 3 .css style sheets in my template. Your menu bar points to the navbar.css. So far all ok.

Problem: Using this code:

<!—[if lt IE 7 ]> link hr ef=”blue/c ss/ie6.css” rel=”sty lesheet” type=”text/css” media=”screen” <![en dif]—>

I assume this means if the browser is IE7 , use ie6.css.?

Problem is this code affects my other 2 style sheets and lose some formatting.

How do I only refer the NAVBAR to your CSS , it seems the navbar can’t work with other .css sheets.


Hi Lanky,
<!—[if lt IE 7 ]> means: if browser is less than IE7 , so in this case (IE6), it calls the file ie6.css

Regarding the contextualization of the menu, change the class of the menu with an ID
Example: ( .navbar becomes #navbar )
I hope i was clear, bye bye :-)

Ok thanks.

Was able to deal with the AngeloM who was very helpful in solving the coding problem with my existing code.

Very good menu bar as well and clean code.

I cannot seem to get the search bar to show up in Firefox (it works perfectly in IE and Chrome).

Any idea why the search box doesn’t appear in Firefox?

Here is the page with the menu:

I think you are wrong user… that menu is not mine :-)

Oops. You are right. I’ve something else from you. Sorry for the confusion!!


I am thinking of buying your script and was wondering if it can be used in wordpress. I am not a programmer so if it is easy to integrate or there is documentation somewhere I would like to buy.

I am good at adding stuff if there is precise instructions.

Thanks! LAra

Hello, unfortunately the script on sale is not implementable on wp. I’m sorry.
You can contact me via skype if you are interested (user: angelo.mazzilli – location: bisceglie)

hey how hard is it to make the menu background semi transparent

easy … you should enter opacity: 0.5 in the file CSS on the main class

Hey I have another question, for the first menu item with the class sub_navbar there is a dotted outline around the bar, how do i get rig of this.

never mind i got it …........great menu bro

Hello, Great menu with easy to use…My question is that if I add more items in “holiday in sardinia” tab for example, I have an align problem…The first and the third items are not in the same line… Thanks

hi – do you have an example of what this looks like in IE7 and IE8 ?

i want to use this on a project but IE7 compatibility is a must for this project. Your details say it works, but I’d like to see myself.


We are having problems with the drop down menu on the “About Us” Navigation tab. The drop down menu seems to be going behind the text, etc. Any quick solutions or advice?

Problem drop down menu on “About Us” on this page: It seems to work fine on this page for some reason:

Purchased this script – was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to created a three column submenu, but there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to do this. Can I do this with the script as is? If not, can you update the script to accommodate any number of columns? Thanks!

one big problem with live previews that are videos is that you can’t test the script. is this script idevice compatible? works on ipad?

myweb site is not avablie