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currently i don’t have a server! maybe in 2 days i’ll have it ready!

One of the screenshots is partial english and what looks like spanish, can you confirm that the language this is written for?

Sorry i didn’t notice anything. If it was other language would be portuguese not spanish. If you saw tell me where to correct. All documentation and plugin are in english.

Is this a web application and does it come with source code?

yes to both! its porpuse is mostly to use on web, but you can apply it to an desktop app if you want. the source code comes with the app

Hi, You say “software Version .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5”. Is this app for windows server?

it works on both platforms! this was made for web applications, never tried in windows server, it might work! i’ll try and answer here when i can

Any Linux php version?


hi, can i send you a file and you tell me if you can to decrypt before buy? thanks a lot

Great One, welcome to Envato Family