Discussion on Multicrm - Multipurpose Powerful Open Source CRM. Customer Relation , Email Campaign

Discussion on Multicrm - Multipurpose Powerful Open Source CRM. Customer Relation , Email Campaign

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Nobody answers the tickets and there is no support …. what is this!

Hello. Im on vacation. You can see info on product page. Will be online on monday and send you response. Regards

demo doesn´t work …

Thank You. Fixed. Recently my hosting company changed some configuration.

There is a 500 server on demo site

Thank You. Fixed. Recently my hosting company changed some configuration.


kdsn79 Purchased

I have a problem installing, i get the following error;

There is no existing directory at “/var/www/smiecie/multi_crm_upload/multicrm/storage/logs” and its not buildable: Permission denied

please advice

What PHP version you have?


kdsn79 Purchased

PHP 7.4.20 (cli)

I have same php version. I don’t have this issue. 1. Check what version of composer you have? “composer -v” if you have version 1, update to 2.

2. Maybe try to run “composer install”,”composer update” from console.

If this won’t work. I will need to have access to your server to check how to resolve your issue. You can send me info to email

Hi! Is it possible to send a file to a Lead? I didn’t see the option to attach a file to the email.

Hi, is this application will be updated to later versions of laravel 7 or 8 ?

Hi, Roles and Permissions section is missing in the system. I am unable to set permission for different user roles. I have submitted support ticket for the same on your website but I am not getting any support or help from your end. Please help me.

Yes. Click on single invoice details and there is print button. You can download pdf from there.

Hi, After clicking on print button, I am getting the following error. RuntimeException (1) The exit status code ‘1’ says something went wrong: stderr: ”’C:\Sites\LMS\multicrm\vendor/h4cc/wkhtmltopdf-amd64/bin/wkhtmltopdf-amd64’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. ” stdout: ”” command: C:\Sites\LMS\multicrm\vendor/h4cc/wkhtmltopdf-amd64/bin/wkhtmltopdf-amd64—lowquality “C:\Windows\TEMP\knp_snappy613f416de6aed0.92425074.html” “C:\Windows\TEMP\knp_snappy613f416de726f7.93913083.pdf”.

I am using a windows server, Please help

Hi, Whenever i am updating user, I am getting server error validation error on email. When i have checked the console it is showing PATCH 405 (Method Not Allowed). Also whenever i am deleting an existing user or tax record. It takes a lot of time to delete it. I am using a windows server.

Hello. I don’t know why you have this issue on Windows. Maybe check this

Thanks, This issues has been solved now

This is a great CRM, it only need an easy way to add custom fields and web forms (nowdays almoas all leads come from web), do you have that or is there any developing team that can do that for us?

Hi, I am trying to delete leads but i am getting this error. You can’t delete this record. Check foreign keys: lead_email ‘1’ dependent records found. Please tell me how can delete data from this table before deleting from leads. Also if i am mass deleting by selecting records and selecting force deleting with skipping integrity constraints. The data in the table lead_email is not deleted. Please suggest a way to fix this issue.

Hello. You can add additional action to beforeDestroy in LeadsController and remove lead_emails.

Hi, can i remove unique email validation from leads, what will be its consequences ? Also how can i show the most recent records first in the data tables by default.

you can remove unique validation in CreateLeadRequest in

/Modules/Leads/Http/Requests/CreateLeadRequest.php and UpdateLeadRequest.php

Hi, When i am calling the API to create new lead, Capture date is not saving although other data is being saved. I am passing the data in the capture_date field in the format 2021-10-01 10:44:26

Please send me request you are sending.

Hi presale questions, in the demo (admin) I don’t understand if it is possible to change the plans, also I can’t find the payment module (saas) for the payment to be debited to new users.

Hi, do you provide installation services with the saas version?

Hello team, Before buying the MultiCRM application I have a few questions: 1) regarding the new chart and tables - new graphs can be added (income, expenses, profit) - cash flow - values of purchases (filtered by suppliers) and of payment debts - values of sales (filtered by customers) and receivables - other economic indicators (EBITDA, P&L … and more) - tax obligations (VAT, tax, more …) - the value of salaries 2) regarding the existing modules - end users (admin company) to be able to see fewer modules (for example, without billing or without inventory) 3) regarding data synchronization - using csv files, can I import from other applications?

Thank you in advance for your answer